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Thread: Laxatives to Lose Weight

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    Laxatives to Lose Weight

    It is assumed that laxative consumption can help in losing weight. But the truth is that laxative intake results in the reduction of water weight, which gives the sense of weight loss.

    The purpose of using laxative is to clean up the intestinal tract with the help of certain medicines. Laxatives are good for short-term weight loss. It is very essential to choose the correct laxative, which releases the bloating related with constipation. Laxative also helps in the removal of water from the bowel.

    There are certain side effects of using laxative. The most common side effect of using laxative is the increase in the frequency of bathroom usage. Using laxatives for long time also affects the body. It can lead to stomachaches, nausea, osteomalacia.

    Laxatives hardly help in losing weight and because of these side effects, people are mostly not advised to use laxative for especially for weight loss.

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    Um I wasn't about to take laxatives seeing as I can't feel my arse.

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