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Thread: am losing the battle

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    am losing the battle

    between all these years of sci, constant pain, kid, job loss, etc. i'm sinking fast. but, whatever happens, want you all to know i've always appreciated this site and the support and friendship here. merry christmas everybody.

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    hugs! i dont know you very well but i wish you didnt have to suffer so. pain sucks!
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Hello Cass,

    I am sorry to see you feeling so low. This time of the year is especially bad. Fortunately, I don't suffer from pain, but after 43 years of post-injury struggling, I know your feeling. I don't really have an advice on how to feel "better" as everyone is different. I go into a "shell" as stay away from everyone. I have been using computers since 1981, so I can get to my computer and go into another world...a world of my own. This works for me but as I said, everyone is different. I am sure you'll have many more post from friends, and probably some with better advice than I have. In the past, I struggled to get one more day so maybe you can do the same.

    Good luck and we care about you.
    ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne

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    Hope you feel better, a friend to talk to always helps.
    Are you gifting anyone? Getting any presents?

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    Hi Cass. Your posts have meant a lot to me - they are by turns educational, questioning, encouraging, thought-provoking, and very often cries of the heart that we can all relate to. I don't have any words of wisdom, just sincere thanks and a wish for your pain to ease, and the hope that you will continue to be a light within this community.

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    Cass! You a warrior. I truly believe this.
    I wish you were here to share some beer and fudge.

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    I can't say I know how your pain is, only my own through out my life. You may feel like your "losing the battle", but its not over till it's over. And it's a battle and not the whole War. It is a shame that life has to feel like a war at times, but alas it does. I hope to god you find some peace somewhere soon. I have read your posts to others who feel similar and your words of encouragement, empathy, love and hope for them. So I know you still have strength in you. Bless you cass.

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    im sorry you are having such a hard time cass. thank you for reaching out to your friends. yes, what would we do without this site? thank you cass for what you have added to care cure. I hope that you will be feeling better soon. do try to hang in there. sent you a hug and a prayer from the south.

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    Hang in Cass!! Things can change and they will for you!!
    Be yourself!!!
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    I know it may be hard to believe but when I read anyones post here about how much pain they are in I just pray that there is something I could do. I hate it when any of you have to hurt so much just as I do when David hurts. I hate the feeling of being helpless and knowing there is nothing I can do. If I could I would take the pain away. I too have enjoyed and learned alot from your posts, please hang on and stay strong, your family needs you as does your carecure family. Merry Christmas.

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