I need some recommendations for end of life care for the elderly

My grandmother-in-law is over 90 and made it clear that she wants to die in her own home. She has problems with her short term memory, has fallen several times and not been able to get up.

She lives in the country. We found one caregiver that was able to be there for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, but couldn't find anyone to care for her for another shift on weekdays. On weekends, my wife drove out there (about an hour away), took her to church, lunch, salon, etc.

Grandma broke her arm falling out of bed. Her doctor said she needed full coverage care, and my in-laws were afraid of getting sued by (whatever relevant government agency).

She is about 20 minutes outside of Oregon City, Oregon in the Portland Metro area.

We've worked with her church, looked around the area, and couldn't find a set of bonded caregivers to take care of her on a day to day basis. (Cook, make sure she hasn't fallen, laundry)

She ended up in a passable "foster home for elderly", but she doesn't want to be there, and we don't want her to be there.

Where can we go for help? She doesn't have a terminal disease, so I don't think hospice is appropriate. She is just old and frail and can't take care of herself.

Thanks in advance for any advice that is offered...

-- JB