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Thread: Reasonable holiday bonus for a live-in caregiver?

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    I'm glad to hear that OJ. Good help is hard to find and one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to live-in help is privacy issues.

    I don't have any live-in attendants, but the two that I do use are very good to me. Most of them have turned into good friends which is a good thing, but then you have that awkward friendship/employee boundary issue sometimes.

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    We do something different each year for my mother's live-in. We have given cash, as well as gift cards for a business she uses often (for clothing). Last year we all went together and paid for her ticket to go on a cruise with the whole family. This year she wants to go on a trip with her mother for her vacation, so I gave her a check with a note that it is for this trip.

    For the part-time (non-live in) attendants we nearly always give them a check along with a small personal gift, and a paid holiday if their usual schedule falls on the holiday (I do my mother's care those days).


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    i've had same person for 16 years. she works another job plus mine and i know cannot be saving much.

    i give her $1,000 for xmas. it's hard for me, but it's the least i can do for her digging the stool out of my rectum for over a decade.

    do as much as you can safely sustain and the person's worth.

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    You put me to shame, Crags. I gave my weekday PCA an extra $100 and my weekender $80.
    They have been with me for 18 months and six months, respectively.
    Neither lives in. My long-term care insurance (from John Hancock) doesn't subsidize the bonuses.

    The weekday woman earns $18 an hour and the weekend guy gets $15.

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    This Xmas, weekday aide got $125 bonus and weekender/night aide received $150, because he does extra stuff like wheelchair repair, landscaping, gift-wrapping, snow shoveling, shopping, etc.

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    my attendant who is not live-in but does my mornings 6 days a week I give $50 at xmas... $25 on his bday... straight cash cause its just str8 to his pocket... a live-in, I'd guess $100 at least if the duties are significant

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