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Thread: Period and endometrial ablation

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    Awesome! I'll be interested to hear how this works. Though I love my Seasonale I assume there will be future trouble with it long-term.
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    Quote Originally Posted by offroaderswife View Post
    I had my consultation today for the ablation procedure! I'm having it done on Wednesday at noon. Just in time for my flap surgery on Friday! He was a little hesitant about my age but after some light begging he agreed to do the procedure. Thank you ladies for the information.
    Good luck! Is he putting you under anesthesia or no?
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    Good luck! My doctor is backtracking on doing it for me now because I'm 30 and wants to try progesterone pills. They said that the tissue can grow back in 10 years and seemed to say that you can only have an ablation once. (I found posts from women online who said they had done it more than once, but maybe they are mistaken.) I got a blood clot from estrogen birth control pills (Seasonale) but he thinks progesterone will be ok so he wants to try it.

    An ablation sounds great to me, so I hope yours turns out really well.
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    I had mine on 1/5/11 and so far so good. No period yet! I love it so far.
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    Been contemplating this procedure for years now. I'm calling my gyno Monday. Great info here
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