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Thread: Period and endometrial ablation

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    Period and endometrial ablation

    Hello ladies,
    Just wondering how you effectively handle your period being in a wheelchair. I am having flap surgery for stage IV ischial wound and my mother will be coming in town for the 12 weeks of bed rest to help out. I don't think I can take care of my female needs while laying on my back. I am considering the ablation procedure but wanted so tips first. Normally I don't have any problems but I see one in my future with the extensive bed rest. Would love to hear suggestions.


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    i am sorry but have no idea what this is or how its supposed to help you. can you give more info?

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    I'm AB, but had the uterine ablation two years ago. Fabulous procedure! Virtually no recovery time.

    One thing to keep in mind is that while it is not a form of birth control, it basically rules out pregnancy as an option.
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    I had it done pre SCI and it failed on me, but everyone else I know has had excellent success.
    I had a hard time getting it approved by my insurance though even with a year of problems to back up the need.
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    I had the novasure and absolutely love the results, no more period. there's a thread in care you can search for if youre interested.
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    Thank you ladies for your responses. The trouble seems to be finding someone who can get me in before my flap surgery on January 7th. I would love to not deal with my period on that lengthy bed rest time.
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    leschinsky- did your insurance company pay for the procedure? I have blue cross blue shield but I'm not sure they will approve it. Do you know how much it cost out of pocket?
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    I had an ablation procedure a couple years ago - it's so worth it! They were worried about AD and gave me a local anesthetic, but I was completely ok throughout. No regrets here.

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    i'm seriously considering this procedure as well. handling my periods is getting tougher and i do not like taking pills
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    My tubes are tied so I haven't had to worry about taking the pill. Did your insurance cover the procedure, Cryptigimp?
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