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Thread: How dangerous do these stairs look?

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    How dangerous do these stairs look?

    I will have four guys lifting me and two to catch me if they loose their footing or grips.

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    You look like someone who is not overweight, it seems reasonable to me. It sucks that where you are going is not accessible, it seems to be the bane of the holidays for us wheelers.

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    That's a 28-year old picture. I'm a little thinner now and have a Quickie II.

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    Are you visiting elves? That door looks tiny!

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    you could be bumped up backwards.
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    I've been carried up a lot steeper than that, and I am probably heavier, so I say go for it. Just make sure the guys carrying you don't have too much to drink because you have to be carried back out again too!

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    No pain No gain good luck...
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    My guess is that those guys will be very careful.
    Looks like a bit of an obstacle course!

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    i"ve been carried up much steeper but i rode on my friends back< not in the wheelchair
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    A day in the life...

    Doorway does look narrow

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