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Thread: Wheelchair sports and bladder management

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    Wheelchair sports and bladder management

    I'm looking into wheelchair basketball and was wondering what people do to handle there bladder. I wear a condom cath with a leg bag and would have to empty if it became full, I see most players wearing shorts and believe they self cath. How do you handle this,open for suggestions.

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    1. Tuck the bag up on your thigh .
    2. Wear sweat/ athletic pants, no one will notice the bag
    3. Empty often.
    4. Ask the guys/girls on the team. They'be been where you are too
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    PPet peeve alert. PLEASE. don't let the leg bag hang out uncovered . I've seen some rugby players do this. not attractive .
    Get involved in politics as if your life depended on it, because it does. -- Justin Dart

    I shall not tolerate ignorance or hate speech on this site.

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    You can use shorts and have a leg bag close to your waist though it wont work so good as if it was hanging below the knee. I have used the condom thing before and it was a nightmare to me. I dont like to use shorts because my legs get frozen and i can get the skin scratched more easily. I did self cath for about 5 years and i was limited to an unpredictable bladder and i needed to have always an accessible place closeby (bathroom) to empty it.
    So i say that my opinion is that you keep the bag and use pants. Even that you drink a lot during the game it will give you time enough untill you need to empty it.

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    Thanks Liz, I do wear a bag on my thigh in summer time when wearing shorts but have to empty more often by the way it fills and looks.

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    Wear sweats or BB pants

    I've played w/c BB for 35 years. I don't need to wear a leg bag, but shorts are not a good idea for most paraplegics. You need to protect your legs from scratches, bruises, and falls. There are some really cool-looking BB pants that you can buy that may match your jersey. It's a good look, IMO, a lot nicer than some skinny-legged dude with blood running down his legs. If you can't find the BB pants, then get sweat pants that match, but sew up the pockets so they'll be more streamlined and won't interfere with your push.

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    I actually wear shorts since I have issues regulating body temperature...if I get too warm I get really sick. However, a lot of the guys on my team wear pants like tasty suggested. There is no rule about what you have to wear...only that it cannot be jeans and it needs to match your uniform (for example, our colors are red, white and blue, so my shorts are blue and white). Just make sure that the tubing, etc will not get kinked due to the straps you have on you to keep you in your chair. Also, it is enevitable that you will hit the floor at some point, so you want to make sure that you do not land on your bag.
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    I have a similar question regarding mono skiing. I'm knew to the idea of a leg bag and such. Is that just a foley and how do you go about getting one and putting it in? Are they reusable? I try to plan ahead and not drink too much fluids, but my bladder has been very sporadic the past few months and I would rather not worry about having to go and enjoy the day. Any help is appreciated thanks in advance.

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    some of the guys i know just wear a pad. personalty i dont see the issue with shorts, all your teammates are in chairs or need them to play and the people watching know its wheelchair b-ball. I have skinny legs and wear braces but i use to never wear shorts b/c of my legs being so skinny and my braces. Now days i say the F*** it and wear what i want its obvious im disabled with how i walk or when im in my chair, its not like im hiding something! lol

    but dont let the bag hang out that is nasty and now one wants to see a leg bag half full.

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