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Thread: Wheelchair sports and bladder management

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    I use one of these sport bags.
    I plug the condom cath directly into the bag. I have the bag resting on top of my upper thigh without any straps with the drain at my waist rather than pointing to the knee, relying on my underpants and shorts to keep it in place. I use a really long drain tube (since I'm a quad I use the lever valve) and tuck it across my waist, under the elastic band of the shorts. Other than the bulge when the bag is full, you never see it. I do have to empty every couple hours, since the bag is small. Also, I look for really long "board shorts" which go down nearly to the knee. Of course, this is for swimming, sailing and other water sports. I don't know how it would do if you are getting dumped onto the ground often.
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    I’m a T-7 complete, and though I don’t know anyone with paralysis~~~ was injured in 1981 and that was my only time with others with such injuries ~~I do know something about getting off of leg-bags and such.

    I haven’t worn any external anything since the mid 80s. There was a pill I started with, that helped me hold my pee in longer, along with Valium, and one day I just took it all off. I leaked a little now and then, but never anything major. It was so liberating to be free of all that. I knew I had to pee by timing and staying thin enough that I could feel my lower tummy, and know if there was a need to go.

    I would use intermittent cath, carrying zip lock sandwich baggies with me to pee in and 4-5 catheters in my bag. Nothing else, no gel KY, only alcohol swabs, which act as lub if you insert them fast enough after wiping the cath tube. It was a major thing, looking back, and made everything, sex included, way more spontaneous without worrying about all the stuff I had thrown away.

    I suppose it was a training process that took over a year, but well worth it. Now, 30 years later, I still only pee when I want to, and can hold it in, and I mean lots, until I get to a restroom. Never any probs there now. I feel very lucky looking back. You should try this, but take precautions during the training period.

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