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Thread: My husband needs help and is not getting it.

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    Is Workers Compensation not providing financial compensation?

    If it were me, I would be hounding my GP to make me a priority appointment with a Neuro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad View Post
    Is Workers Compensation not providing financial compensation?

    If it were me, I would be hounding my GP to make me a priority appointment with a Neuro.
    The work comp was the initial injury but was in a care accident afterwards. I am guessing that the ins would say that all the reasons he is not working is because of the accident and not because of the initial injury. They always try to get out of paying anything.

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    I'd grab a book & plant myself & loved one in the best ER you can find. He's worth the wait!

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    Thanks, everyone. Even though it is almost Christmas Eve, I am going to take all your advice and head to the ER with him this afternoon. Not the local hospital, I will take him into the city to the major surgery center.

    NorthQuad/Medic1: Yes, the first injury was Workers Comp. That was now over two years ago, after two appeals and the mountain of paperwork they make you do (to try to discourage you, I think) he won judgement. But still has yet to be paid! This latest is a car accident, he and my son were at a stop light and a lady hit them from behind at full speed and crushed their small car into the truck in front of them. Jaws of life to get hubby out, my son was okay (but lasting psychological damage of thinking his father had died in the car!). ICBC (our gov't insurance agency) first paid for his car (written off) then as soon as they read the first medical reports, they labelled him 100% at fault and so will not pay anything now until we fight them in court (which we are.) Can you imagine? Sitting at a stop light, shooting the breeze with your teenage son, smacked from behind, and now it's somehow your fault?! He owned his own business (it's now lost) and so no LTD or short-term disability, no EI disability, nothing. ICBC tries to squeeze you into a hole to settle with them. We've lost our home, our savings...but I will fight to the end!

    Thanks everyone for all your advice, I will check back in when we know what is what if you want.

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    I doubt ICBC labeled him at fault, but probably tried to blame all is injuries on the pre-existing condition. You cannot rear end somebody and get off with zero liability, so they cannot blame your husband. It was probably an ICBC head game to get you give up and walk away. Don't give up the fight.

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