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Thread: Wife C4 quad just looking for help!!!!!!!

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    Wife C4 quad just looking for help!!!!!!!

    Hi all I just found this site and it look great My wife had a car accident 2 month ago leaving her a c4 quad we still dont know how permanent it is but so far she has made little progress we are hoping for the best. I was just wonder what kind of advice anyone out there would give a new quad and what I can do to help her with everything!

    Thanks everyone
    I love my girl and I know that she will get thru this <3

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    hope for the best. prepare for the worst.

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    Get the best rehab you can obtain (ideally in a SCI specialty center). Learn as much as you can from her team while you are there.

    Find a physiatrist who does primary care to help with her medical care and coordination of outpatient therapies, DME, and on-going SCI needs after she comes home.

    Get her home when done with rehab. Avoid institutional placements and hospitalizations by helping her stay healthy.

    Help her stay active, get involved in the community, and live life. Help her find a reason to get out of bed and out every day. Work with her to set and meet important goals.

    Try to avoid being her only attendant. You need to be her spouse/lover. If you have any coverage at all, or can afford even part time attendant care (esp. for bowel/bladder care), do it. It could mean your marriage.

    Do you have children?


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    This is an excellent site for info. Using the search feature and going through old threads has been invaluable for me.
    My husband is C3 since Oct 2008. Unfortunately he had had no return of sensation and he has a lot of breathing issues and has a trachea now.
    As SCI Nurse said, get the best rehab possible. My husband was at Craig in Englewood,CO.
    Best to you both.

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    Dearest, "Love My Quad"
    Welcome to the Care Cure Community. No one wants to be here, but under the circumstances, this is a good place to be. You and your dear bride are very young, and you are going up against some incredible odds. Both of you need to get very smart, very fast, and understand what her injury means to your life and relationship.
    Get yourselves to the very best rehabilitation facility available to you.
    Hold on tight to one another.
    Try your best to figure out what both of you want from the relationship you had before her accident.
    Hold on tight to one another.
    Hold on tight to one another.
    There are many good people on this've got friends and mentors here.

    All the best,

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    Fortunately we dont because that would really make this harder, we are currently at stanford university rehab she hasn't gotten anything back but we are hoping soon.
    I love my girl and I know that she will get thru this <3

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    An eccentric sense of humor helps enormously, I wish you both the very best of luck with what is going to be a roller coaster of a ride.

    Don't be a stranger and never be afraid to post any questions on here.

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    I would strongly urge you to look into moving to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center's specialty SCI Center. They are a former Model Systems Center and specialize in SCI (unlike the unit at Stanford).


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    Your wife is a lovely lady. So sorry this tragedy has first, befallen her and secondly, your entire family. From the pictures you have posted of her work in rehab it would appear she does have some significant core body strength, and it's a good sign she is able to stand on her own. Much of my return did not start until about 3 months in and has progressed, at now the nearly the two year mark, to walking unaided. I'm a C 5/6 and T 1. All my best wishes and prayers to you both!!

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    Yes, as Patty says, it looks like your wife does have some good core strength and I wish her - and you - all the best in rehab, and beyond. Welcome to the forum.

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