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    I suppose this is as good a time as any to "out" ourselves - we were pushed a little with some photos that got out, but it's about time anyway. Christian and I have had our heads down, and have been working as hard as we've ever worked for the last 7 months or so, on a new wheelchair.

    I want to be very clear though – this chair IS NOT CURRENTLY FOR SALE– at this point, we’re ONLY looking for advice on design and the design direction that will be helpful to people who may want to use this wheelchair.

    We’re about 6 months away from even talking about delivering chairs, and we cannot and will not respond to requests to purchase the chair, or to become a dealer, a salesperson, or a representative.

    As mentioned in another post, we went onto a Canadian TV show called "The Dragon's Den", but in terms of how the adjustments and modularity work, the prototype chair that we showed on "Dragons" has very little in common with what we've eventually settled on, and absolutely ZERO in common with the M1.

    In fact, for the chair that was on the TV show, and the following prototypes including the latest one, we went back to Christian's design from his efforts with Stryker, which he is also the sole inventor on, and that he developed prior to anything that happened at Marvel.

    The Stryker chair was an amazing design, and the patents for it (conveniently for us) recently lapsed and became available in the public domain (they were active when we were designing at Marvel, so although we would have liked to, we couldn’t use them at that point).

    Because they became available, we went back in time, attached to them for our foundation design principles, and set out to improve on them significantly.

    The most important thing that we did though is listen to the advice that riders, seating specialists, therapists and vendors gave to us, and tried to incorporate those into the new design – we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to the people who stepped up to help us with advice, and criticisms.

    The big ticket directions that we got were:

    • Lower the price

    • Simplify the way it adjusts

    • Start with a “base” chair, and let the user add upgrades/components

    • Make sure that it’s compatible with the aftermarket accessories in the market

    This may well win the "most self-serving statement of the year" award, but I'm personally awestruck with what Christian has come up with.

    One of the great things that came from the Dragon’s Den show, is that we made an amazing contact, and just a few weeks ago signed a deal with a new manufacturing partner, Multimatic - you can check them out at – they’re a huge company, and they mostly work in the automotive industry, but they want to diversify, and are really excited about this project.

    They have an F1 team, consult to Ford Racing, and they build the Aston Martin One-77 - the next step up from them would literally be NASA – and in fact, Multimatic does contract work for NASA. We’ve kicked off with them, and are super excited about what they’re going to bring to the table in terms of the ability to test, and in terms of the engineering support they’ll provide.

    This is an incomplete list, but among other things, the Icon will:

    • Adjust in 11 measurements and without tools for many of them – as much as possible, the adjustments will be made with the rider in the chair. (adjustable elements will include: seat width, seat depth, seat angle, front seat height, rear seat height, back height, back angle, rear wheel spacing, overall length, footrest height, footrest angle)

    • Be offered in a base configuration at a price point that is in the same range as the base models of our competitors.

    • Offer optional rear suspension; there will be no front suspension.

    • Be compatible with all of the common aftermarket backs (the base model will come with a sling upholstery back), and power assist wheels.

    • Weigh in at under 21 pounds, with wheels.

    We've shown the prototype to a number of the top rehab seating clinics and key dealers in North America, and we’ve gotten a pretty overwhelming “thumbs up” - for real, this chair is f-ing awesome.

    As always, we want to hear your opinions/suggestions – please post them here, or send me a PM or an email to

    We’re looking forward to our “official” launch in the next few months, but I’m kind of glad that the CareCure folks are getting the news first.

    Here are some clear photos (seriously, wheelergrrrrl needs to buy her brother a G4 iPhone with a flash or something) – please let us know what you think.

    Attachment 38221

    Attachment 38222

    Attachment 38223

    Attachment 38224

    Attachment 38225
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    Great info and thanks for breaking it here first. I think the first question that pops to my mind after seeing the majority of complaints about the M1. Will there only be 1 foot plate option? Or will there be an ability to buy it with a narrower/wider footplate depending on the user? I do like the way this one looks as compared to the M1, seems it won't be rubbing on the legs as much.

    2nd questions, transfer bars? I know the M1 had the little handles, I'm not seeing anything like that on this prototype, I know it's just that, an unfinished product, but having a place to put your hand on to transfer is a key factor in any chair.

    3rd keep up the great work!
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    Nice, thanks for sharing!

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    Congrats to you and Christian on how far you've come thus far with the Icon. What sort of locks or brakes do you plan to offer? If there is no immediate plan to offer anything proprietary, I would suggest that you re-visit the Surelock system that was developed for the Marvel seat pan. As you may have already seen and/or discussed with Erick, Surelock has recently innovated a cleaner, simpler, and lighter weight one-piece lock disc for the Dino. All that's needed is a custom-sized replacement camber clamp (which Surelock already makes) to house the pistons and you've got a ready-to-go system for those of us who prefer locking hub systems to scissor brakes.

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    Looks like it has potential. The curved tubing that runs behind the calves of the legs may cause pressure sores. It will need some padding or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    Looks like it has potential. The curved tubing that runs behind the calves of the legs may cause pressure sores. It will need some padding or something.
    Maybe but not necessarily. The down tubes on my ZR make contact with the sides of my legs (which is crucial to keep my legs from splaying too much) and has never caused a sore, though you can see where contact is being made. As for the Icon, so long as the tubing isn't making contact with a bony prominence, as was the case with the caster wing of the Marvel, I don't know that it would require any padding. Plus the caster wing tubing on the Icon is depth-adjustable, so it's not certain that any tube-to-skin contact is inevitable.

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    Looks beyond excellent! I'd absolutely get one. Compatibility with after-market things available is the main feature that you needed I think. Keep up the great work!

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    Very nice looking chair!

    Can I purchase one today? When do you think you'll be delivering your first chair?

    Also, I'd be very interested in being dealer, salesperson or representative.

    Shoot me a PM, we can talk details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    Looks like it has potential. The curved tubing that runs behind the calves of the legs may cause pressure sores. It will need some padding or something.
    Calves are not a potencial area for have pressure sores, but of course maybe someone could have one, but sure not me.

    I like this front better i think, what is it? steel or titanium? don`t look like aluminium.

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    I like the front end. Would fit me much better than the M1.

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