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Thread: I messed up with PM and need some advice.

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    Another thing i heard about the ER is that when they ask you what level of pain you are having on a scale of 1-10,and its a least at eight,they have to treat you for your pain,its a plus if you have your meds with you,i dont see how they can just let someone suffer,if they ever pull that card on me i will be taking names.Hopefully things work out for you,they should.

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    I would urge you to contact your case manager with the FL SCI trust fund. See if they can assist you in getting care.
    I have never heard of this person before?? Maybe it was someone that worked in the "rehab" when i first got hurt?? Where can i find the number for this person???
    Actually, I DID sign a new pain contract for "the new year"about a month before i got discharged . Ill admit , i didnt read it that well. The dr. came in to see me as i was reading it. It seemed like the basic contract. "dont mess up"... Although.... i cant remember having to sign a new one every year. Only one at the beginning. I cant even get copies of my medical records, which i guess includes that. I "CAN" for a 1.50 a page!! what a rip! Someone said i just need the last 6 months of drs notes and my xrays, mri, ect, to give to a new Dr. that will take me.
    I havnt made it to the ER yet. Ive been sleeping sooo much,(14hrs) i just got up I feel like i cant take care of myself or this problem. I live on my own and take care of myself 100% I have cut myself down to one( from 4) 30 a day for 2-3 days now. I am so scared they wont do anything for me and ill just sit in that BRIGHT ASS er waiting room for hours. I do have my empty( well a couple pills left) med bottles if ya think that would help. If i can make it im gonna try tonight, my spasms are CRAZY, i feel like ill slam my foot on the gas pedal and crash into a tree. Hmmm, maybe....
    Thanks for the help guys
    Maybe It would really help if i can find the phone number of my "case manager" from the fl sci trust fund as cheescake said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by minivin View Post
    Another thing i heard about the ER is that when they ask you what level of pain you are having on a scale of 1-10,and its a least at eight,they have to treat you for your pain,its a plus if you have your meds with you,i dont see how they can just let someone suffer,if they ever pull that card on me i will be taking names.Hopefully things work out for you,they should.
    My local ER and most in the state will treat for acute pain BUT NOT for CHRONIC pain.

    Here is a link to the program in FL. All new SCI are mandatory reports. Most folks use the program so know who to contact. Here is a link that includes Regional Offices by county. If you are not registered or haven't received services before it may take longer.

    This is part of the Public Health Department. They may be able to get you into a methadone program.
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    Maybe you mean the brain and spinal cord network? They helped me a lil bit when i first got hurt. They closed my case tho, as i was "now able to rejoin the world". I contacted them a few months ago to see if they would help me get a new shower chair, as mine was in NEED of replacement and i couldnt afford one. They told me they couldnt reopen a case once it has been closed. Thankfully my aunt,from up north, helped me buy a new one.
    Is that who you talking about?
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    o we posted at the same time. Thank you for looking that up for me though. i couldnt find it. ill try again. but they seemed pretty steadfast that once a case is closed it cant be reopened I REALLY couldnt understand this, as i will be sci for the rest of my life probably, i assume a person with a brain injury would be the same. I would think they/i would need on and off help through out their life. They just lowered the closet hangers and helped me get on the top of the list for section 8....which was really helpful.
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    As i read, i see sooo many have gone through this. SAD...very sad. The "plight of the chronic pain patient" .
    I dont drink, one, becuase i dont like the effect and it can make me piss myself now, two, because i saw early on that my fam was filled with alchys. BUT. i just drank a bottle of wine and i guess that helped...a lil. Thats great doc. Leave me to the streets and start me drinkin. On christmas/new years. your lucky i cant magically zap you with my pain for a while.
    Instead of doing something stupid tho, I AM gonna file a complaint with the board of Medicine. As someone else said...he probably thinks cause your young you wont file one. Wrong! I made a mistake...maybe?,,,but he shouldnt have given a paraplegic 10 days notice during christmas on that high a dosage of meds. Knowing i dont have a g/p and not even giving 5 minutes of time after 5 years.
    These few drs are KNOWN for writing oxy, lots of oxy. Ive come to find out, MUCH higher dosages than i was even on. To think that i was scared to ask for more because it was cold outside and my pain was worse.
    I always hear about cancer patients pain being SOOO bad. there are so many clinics i see to help THESE peoples pain. Im not sayin they dont feel pain, IT HAS TO compare to the central/neuro pain we feel tho. waist down on FIRE 24/7 AND i cant feel my penis/ have an orgasm. GOD HATES ME
    sorry for the inebriated rant.
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    Baron, it's not the doctor's fault you broke your contract with him.

    He cannot write you anything without siginificxant danger of losing his medical license. He has patients who adhere to the contract. Treating them is not the same risk as you.

    He may not be able or willing to refer you to another PM doc. If he does refer, he'll have to tell that physiian you failed the panel and it's why you were discharged. It could make a new doctor less willing to accept you in her/his practice. Any doctor knowing the reason behnd your discharge accepts additional liability to take a patient who failed a test. It's not just a DEA issue, but one of malpractice insurance and risk should anything go wrong.

    Coming off oxy won't kill you, but you're going to be sick as hell when you don't have it. It sucketh mightily. You can survive if that is how things go.

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    ^^ he could have and should have done SOMETHING though. Any dr i see is gonna see that ive been discharged because i broke the contract , regardless of how. At the very least he could have referred me to a rehab. Their WAS much more he could have done, and KNOW he has done for other patients whe failed their contract. Usually 30 days of meds and a referal is what ive heard from most others with this DR.
    again he left me with 10 days of meds during christmas new/years . THATS not right.
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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    stressing yourself can't be helping at all.
    is there more to this story than you are telling? seems odd that even a questionable doctor would abandon a patient like this and that you cannot go to another and get a refill on a NEEDED prescription.

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    There is no more to this "story" that i know of. Yes it is weird to me as well. That the dr. wouldnt even see me?? im in a wheelchair its not like im gonna beet him!
    And YES the stress is horrible about what i should do.
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