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Thread: I messed up with PM and need some advice.

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    I messed up with PM and need some advice.

    I am a T-10 complete due to gun shot wound 6 years post.
    So after being with my current Dr. for five years, I was called today and told that i was being discharged. Due to my past urine screen coming up for and "illegal substance". The crazy thing is that i am the one who asked for a culture to be done on my last visit, bout 2 weeks ago, to make sure a recurring UTI i had was completely gone. He Rarely Urine screens me. I feel bad because we had a good relationship and he even knows i smoke M. for quality of life issues and spasms, though i dont live in a M.M. state, he didnt have a problem with it, as i told him on my first visit.
    The Problem is that it came back positive for something else. I think?. . I was offered something at a party the previous weekend (5 days previous) and decided to do some. It was a stupid mistake and is not something i normally dont do. I figured that it would be out of my system within 72 hrs. The testing they do at PM is just a dip panel test. I figure after being sent off for the culture is when something was found.
    I do have severe pain and spasms 24/7. Two kinds really, The "on fire" legs an butt and physical pain in my back. I have tried many types of pain relief. The current meds i am on are an Opiate for pain (which has been amped up over time) and a Benzo for spasms. These meds help my pain A LOT and make it so i can live a decent life.
    I am very scared of the future now and dont know what to do. I will have severe withdraw and be in so much pain that i will not be able to do much other than lie in bed.
    I know the obvious answer is to find a new Dr. It was very difficult for me to find this one though. Plus, what Dr. is going to take a patient who just got discharged for "that"? I called a couple PM Drs. in my area today but they want a refferal from "my dr" for an appointment. I am now to be labled a "drug seeker". YES, I AM dependent on my meds. Otherwise Im in a lot of pain. Does that make me a drug seeker? Yes i messed up and did something i shouldnt have, Im sure im not addicted to it though and dont do it on any regular basis.
    Has anyone been through this?...and willing to admit it on this forum? Or have any advice on getting a new Dr...or keeping my old one. Please save the "shame on you's" as i know i messed up.
    Thank you
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Go to your old doc, explain what happened; that you are a dumb young man trying to get thru life and learned a valuable lesson. That he can screen you for any drug other than mj and if it comes up positive he can do what he needs to do. Build up that you feel comfortable and reassured with him as a doc and won't let him down again.

    Sorry to say but this is a good lesson on taking responsibility for what you ingest at parties. There are ramifications for our actions.

    Good luck, good docs are hard to come by.

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    Hey Baron,

    Sorry to hear of your problem. This could be pretty messy before you get it sorted out. Your doctor is under the gun if he gives opiates to someone with a drug history. Licenses get yanked. I think I would get tested yourself for whatever you think the other drug was. Take this test to your doc when you see him. He will have that proof you are not a user to put in his file and this may cause him to reconsider. The mindset you have to keep is that he is scared of losing his career, and so he is going to be VERY careful. If you give him some tangible proof and offer to keep giving it to him, he may relent. Good luck. If you are really in a pickle, maybe you could even get off the MJ. In your post you said you use it in part for life issues. This is a luxury some have, but those using pain meds may not have. Docs tend not to be convinced by "life issues". You may have to overdo it to regain his trust. Going without pain meds can be very frightening.

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    This has GOT to have happened to more of us....??

    Thank Both of you for your Ideas. Any More? If you dont feel comfortable talking about it on these forums i understand, maybe you could PM me.
    I am going to the clinic on monday to TRY and talk with my Dr., as thats the next day he will be in office. Im willing to go in for weekly urine tests or do whatever he wants. I understand its his licence on the line and all. It seems useless, and i dont have the money, to get another tox test done. If they want to do one while im there, they easily can.
    I have two other questions if that doesnt work.
    Isnt it the law that he must refer me to someone else, if i have a serious illness.
    Also i read that he has to continue treatment for 30 days.
    O yea, am I entitled to ALL of my medical records from them?Mri's ect. Ill need them to try and find a new Dr.
    This IS scary. Ill have like 12 days of meds left to find a new Dr....During Christmas and new years. Why was i so stupid?
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    I do believe that they are supposed to give you 30 days notice. They are also supposed to transfer ALL of your records over to the new doctor of your choice. Most PM doctors will not take a new patient without a referral, so you might request a referral from you current PM doc if he is willing to supply one, otherwise I would call your PCP and say that you messed up, but are still in need of a PM doctor and would appreciate a referral. I doubt that your PM doc will "deny" you treatment by another physician, but he may caution you strongly not to mess up again. Many places do not have very many good PM docs, so to lose faith with a good doc is a BAD thing.
    I think trying to talk to the doctor about this situation is a good idea. Have him follow up on the positive result, and offer to attend classes or whatever is necessary for him to continue you as one of his patients. I know you are not "addicted" to this drug from the party, but if you have done it before or would consider doing it again in the future I would hold off until you are out of PM and won't be randomly screened.
    Good luck and let us know how this works out.
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    Actually, there was a thread recently where the question was raised whether or not people with SCI on this site would do the drugs if they were offered the chance or not....most said no because of the risks involved. I think Cocaine was the drug questioned but lots of drugs were discussed.

    You have had previous problems with pain management doctors not seeing your way so you were lucky to find this one. You made a very stupid choice and now unfortunately you are going to pay the price. Your pain management doctor is not going to risk his license to treat you. You are already smoking pot which you admit that you are not doing to help your pain but to help your quality of life.

    If whatever you ingested at the party had reacted with one of the meds you were already on, you would have ended up in an emergency room possibly fighting for your life. You are now a liability to him and his medical practice. He does not have to refer you to another doctor. He does not have to refill your medications. You probably had to sign some kind of contract when you began treatment and when your screen was positive it probably violated your contract. He only has to give you notice which is what he has done. When you find another doctor, you can request your records from him and he will send them to the new doctor. The records always belong to the patient.

    Pain Management is highly regulated by the Federal Government. The Feds come in, confiscate computers, handcuff doctors, and lock offices. Your doctor is running a legitimate Pain Management Clinic or he would keep treating you.

    Sorry you made a mistake now you have to live with it. Good luck.
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    i'd ask the doctor to take a humane approach and at the very least establish a realistic taper program on your meds. of course he does not have to but it would be an opportunity to see what he is really made of. ya know, even hard core employers with a zero tolerance program usually offer one second chance by agreeing to enter a treatment program, perhaps this doctor may agree to something similar. and also, do not be too hard on yourself, my point of view is it's not your actions so much as a really messed up medical establishment that seeks to remove all individual freedom from the equation. but, sadly, that IS what has become of our so called 'free' country. good luck.

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    Sooo, I showed up at his office to see if i could talk to him. I asked the nurse if he would please see me as a walk in. She said he wouldnt see me at all because i had been discharged, even though he was just steps away from us. She said i could write a letter to him if i wanted and gave me a pen and paper. I wrote, that I was very sorry for putting his license and years of schooling on the line and that i would do whatever he wanted if given a second chance, or to please do this humanely and write my medications for one more month, so i have time to find another Dr. That was yesterday. I have yet to hear from him . I asked the nurse if i could have my medical records and she said that they would fax them to my new? Dr. Otherwise she said they were going to charge me 1.50 !! a page. I have a thick folder of records, that would be a few hundred bucks that i dont have.
    O, Im sooo screwed and scared. I can see myself spending the new year in the e.r.. Actually i see them turning me away too, as ill now be labled a drug seeker ect.
    Any one have any other ideas for me? I really dont know what to do. I have meds till the 28th, 3 of those days ill be visiting my daughter for Christmas. One of the days is xmas. i dont have any time. I explained all this in my letter to the Dr.
    I found a pain dr whos office is right at the end of my street, which would be great for me, they say that they will only take new patients upon referal <sp?. When i asked the nurse if he could give me a referal she said yea, no problem and wrote a couple of pain clinics on a piece of paper. She said just find a new Dr. and then call them (lol, yea right, you can hardly ever get through just to make your appt.) and they would send my records and a referal over to them. I doubt that is gonna happen in time.
    Its so weird that he wouldnt even talk to me after five years. He knew i was there.
    Im not some person with a bum knee. I am a PARAPLEGIC i live my life in a wheelchair. My T10 is in a bunch of li lil pieces where it used to be. Im pretty much castraded. still have a .45 in my liver that makes me feel like i have constant runners cramp. I am dependant on a pretty large amount of what is pretty much H. The withdraws could kill me. Actually the sudden stop of valium REAlLy could kill me. i spend the first hour of every day emptying my bowels with my hand....dig stim...HA! what bs. I think i should be able to do what ever is needed to help my pain in improve my quality of life. But . I WOULD DO ANYTHING just to continue having my pain managed.

    WHAT DO I DO?? Start looking on the street? Find some h? Go to a methadone clinic? How much does it cost to go to a methadone clinic? Do they take medicare/medicaid ??Pack up and move to mexico/canada?
    yikes 5 days left.
    Scared in Fl
    p.s sorry im buggin out, I am out of town visiting my daughter and cant even try to get this accomplished.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by barondidit View Post
    Go to a methadone clinic? How much does it cost to go to a methadone clinic? Do they take medicare/medicaid ??
    I think you should look into this idea, but I don't know anything about them. I think they are run by the county in our, I'm guessing they take medicare/caid.

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    The 28th is 6 days away. Cut all your dosages in half, that gets you 12 days. Go to the clinics they referred you. You said the clinic down the street would take new patients with a referral, your old doctor said he would give one. Why not at least try, all they can do is say no.

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