Today I met a wonderful lady who knows what life is about, and is a true inspiration. I was looking for a standing frame ( strap stand ) and a active/passive hand/feet trainer. She had both. She only wanted them to go to someone who needed them. And if they were done with them to pass them on to another who needed and couldn't afford one. She gave me an Ovation 2000 standing frame with accessories, and an EX N' Flex passive/active 300 trainer free. I just had to pick it up. I will do the same if I don't need them in the future, and I encourage people to help each other out with equipment that you don't use any longer, or maybe trade within the community. With that said, she also has a tilt table she is looking for a home. It will need to be picked up as she cannot ship. She may be willing to let a transportation company come pick it up also I think. She is a few miles north of San Francisco. I don't know how soon it will go, however if you are interested leave me message, or email me at and I will put you in touch with her. She is truly an inspiration, and her son's story is proof to never give up.