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    Hi everyone ;
    I was just wondering something interesting
    So here is my Question .

    How many of you read or follow your Daily Horiscopes ?
    And either follow them or just keep it buried in your brain from day to day ?

    Earlier today I was assembling a old big telescope and I just felt compelled to ask that unique Question .

    Looking forward to kool Responses
    You all are the best

    Lastly please excuse my mis spelled words

    Sincerely ;

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    never read my horiscope. a belief in horiscopes means that individual free will cann't exist I believe the future is unknowable otherwise we wouldn't be disabled. who ead their on the day their disability occured did it read today that you and you alone will be disabled with your name and address signed by GOD OR DESTINY OR SOME OTHER BEING.

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    Horoscopes are based on basic psychology and human behavior. They give you very few details about what will happen, so your brain will fill the rest, and MADE it happen. And when it doesn't happen, then your brain will forgot about horoscope. That's the beauty of human mind, and that's why we believe in horoscopes, fortune tellers and talking to dead people.

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    Horoscopes, god, santa claus, tooth fairy... it's all the same. No wonder why people believing in horoscopes have an absurd % of believing in god, above the rest of the population.

    It's one of the things that was created by ignorance long ago and it's being mainteined by general stupidity. Wanna know another example of the same thing? :P

    "Why? Cause I can see the stars..." omg somebody shoot her.
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    I find if you read any horoscope it can apply to anyone, a bit like that spiritualist church or psychic down the road.

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    I find it kind of like opening a fortune cookie after a nice oriental dinner
    The inevitable General Parable's

    I used to love reading the daily newspaper
    and in the comic section was my fav Dear Abby
    Under her was the horoscopes

    My aunt literally followed her stupid horroscope like it was a real deal lmao
    I never understood her

    Some people follow these things

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