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Thread: Sarah's Strange Walmart Experience

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    Sarah's Strange Walmart Experience

    Has anyone ever had a bizzare experience like this one?

    Last weekend, Sarah and a friend were shopping at one of the local Walmart stores here in Columbus Ohio.

    Sarah said that they past a woman (for the first time) and she looked at Sarah sitting in her wheelchair and said "God bless you". Sarah responded back to her "same to you". A little while later, they past her again. This time she was quietly chanting something about Sarah but the girls kept going - Sarah was a little uncomfortable this time. The third time that they past her, Sarah said this woman was jumping, dancing, chanting, and praying for Sarah in the middle of the aisle. She kept telling Sarah that she was going to walk again and she would be healed some day. Sarah was a bit embarrassed to say the least, but did not know what to say. The only words that could come out of her mouth was....WHAT THE HELL?

    My first question to Sarah was....which Walmart were you in?

    Just wanted to share this with all of you.....

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    Sounds like a case of religious Tourette's syndrome, I do hope the poor woman gets help.

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    my mom's husband regularly does this to me, has even sent ppl to do this when i was in hospital for surgery (mind u not to pray for me to get well soon but to walk again?) they will sometimes speak in tongues. it's bizarre. i often revert to heavy sarcasm
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Dear Sarahs Mom
    Were they singing Lionel Ritchie ?
    OOOh what a feeling !
    Dancing on the Ceiling

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    No, can't say that has happened. Always something to look forward to.

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    Agree with Brian....there is something about Walmart that really draws the kooks. We had something funny happen at a Walgreens....a guy went down on the floor on his back in pain....writhing and swearing....asked if he was ok.....and he screamed, "It's my PSYCHOTIC nerve!" LOLS
    (We always refer to sciatic nerve pain as psychotic nerve pain now in the family.)

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    I have had those kinds of encounters all my life. The most hilarious one was in Toronto, Canada when my wife and I were eating lunch in a park near our hotel. A drunk came staggering up to us, made the sign of the cross, and mumbled, "when I see someone like you, I thank God I am only an alcoholic." A Mountie trotted over on his horse and hustled the guy off. After 56 years post injury, I still have people praying that I will be able to walk again. Sarah needs to develop a thick skin. She should be prepared to get some offers of money.
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    That is awkward and i´ve been through a lot of experiences like that. It´s really a crazy world we live in.

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    Chanting Woman is lucky that witch burning is no-no these days.

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