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Thread: virus causing temporary paralysis

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    virus causing temporary paralysis

    can a virus cause temporary paralysis of a shoulder?

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    yes, there are several virus's that can cause paralysis. Not sure of the whole only in the shoulder praralysis but I know virus's can cause paralysis.

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    The most notorious virus causing paralysis is Guillain Barre syndrome, which you can read about here.
    For SCI folks, you may find that viruses affect you differently than AB folks, which can include more spasms which, in turn, can affect your function while you are ill with the virus.


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    the doctor says"parsonage turner syndrome" mri tomorrow to make sure.keeping my fingers crossed.

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    My understanding is that syndromes like Guillain-Barre and Parsonage Turner are often preceded by viral infections, but they are not themselves viruses. Parsonage Turner Syndrome was one of the conditions that had to be ruled out in my case, so I researched it awhile back; if you do, indeed, have PTS, the outlook is pretty good - most people experience significant-to-complete recovery with conservative treatment (PT, possibly steroids and/or opiates), though it can take awhile.

    Best wishes on your MRI and any other exams. I hope you will get a definite diagnosis and treatment plan soon.

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