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Thread: wise, I know you think positively about Sabrina Coehn

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    I agree with wise that we should be very careful of those that critcize work of others to stop embryonic stem cell research. I'm aware and will do what I can to expose these people. My feelings on Sabrina are what they are. A lot of this will go away with positve results of trials. that is my goial for the people on this forum. We need concrete results and a clear path forward by all; researchers, organozations, and others. We don't, at least I dont. need to hear about climnbing mounjtains in wheelchairs and doctors dressed like fashion models.This i sny take on it and mine alone. We need trials and results and each of us desrves an improvement in our lot. then we can talk about physical therapies that will enhance our stem cell therapies.

    keeping on

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    Sabrina lives in a PR world; imo she's genius at what she does. If we sink out of sight, the funding and research will too. There are a lot of types of advocacy. Sabrina found her niche, and I'm grateful to her.

    Also, fwiw, she IS a flesh-and-blood human, not some foundation robot. She will have heard about this thread already. We need to support each other, or at least keep the backbiting on the DL.

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    Betheny, I couldn't agree more. It's courageous people like Sabrina and many others that are willing to put themselves out there to get boots and wheels on the ground for raising money toward stem cell research and clinical trials. Without money and fundraising, it all disappears. Her time is valuable in raising the necessary funds to make things happen. I hope she doesn't worry about a bunch of phoney baloney. Like Lynnifer says, all the rest is just words posted on a website. Nothing more. Actions always speak louder than words...

    The CELLebrity Doctors 2011 calendar can be purchased with an $18 donation (plus shipping and handling) at
    or by calling 800-535-4101. More information about the foundation's work is at
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    I think the CELLebrity Doctors calendar is a clever idea.
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    I don't delve into this area but I hate whining. Seriously, Sabrina started her own foundation to help towards awareness. Where's yours, keepingon? You're entitled to your own analysis & opinions but geez. Piss or get off the pot. Do it your way,"the correct way" if you don't approve. Atleast she's doing something. Turn your negativity into something positive if you want a change. It seems like the cure has became your life, which isn't neccesarily a bad but being consumed with too much off anything can destroy a person.

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    A local group of stem cell advocates all ordered calendars for their friends and relatives for xmas gifts! I thought it was a great idea! Thank you Sabrina!

    The CELLebrity Doctors 2011 calendar can be purchased with an $18 donation (plus shipping and handling) at
    or by calling 800-535-4101. More information about the foundation's work is at

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    quad, your' missing my point. I know sabirna cohen is paralyzed and is hopeing for some treatments for all who sufer the same. My thinking in all of this is boring is not always bad. what I mean by that is I'd rather discuss the next relevcant step to a cure than allow people to be granted awards and such to feel good about their research. It might not alingn with your thinking , but it does with mine. Have a great day.

    keeping on

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    Researchers being granted awards for their hard work and relentless devotion for finding a cure for spinal cord injury isn't boring for most of us. It lets the general public know who the people are that are pouring their heart and souls into finding a cure. That awareness is extremely valuable when advocates are attempting to raise money for research and clinical trials. Money doesn't just fall out of the sky onto these clinicians! Money is what makes it happen. I don't buy into the rhetoric about "not allowing them rewards so they won't feel good about their accomplishments"? That's just thankless phoney baloney that doesn't make sense.
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