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Thread: 1st day on the slopes yesterday

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    Quote Originally Posted by number1advocate View Post
    Bonus: NOBODY skiing upright can ski as fast as you can in a mono ski.
    I never looked at it that way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by patd View Post
    Hi Pete,

    I built a foot support for my setup.

    I modified my dual ski with a longer motorcycle shock. I found that it raised me up and gave me more up and down movement. This improved my turns. So, the scarver puts me at the same height and I found no difference in the balance. I use out riggers that seem to be longer than usual, but they are neccessary to allow me to get up by myself if I tip over. Most of the time I can right myself, but if I screw up on the flats I need help getting up.

    I also need help from the lift opperator to lift my bucket into the loading position as I can't do it myself. Once my bucket is up I can balance and wait for the chair and sit down.

    Usually, I can slide off the chair and dismount with little problem.

    I find that the scarver mono ski is easier than the dual ski when pushing around and I make much better carved turns with the scaver. I'm actually very excited to be improving.
    Another question on your setup, what modifications did you do to your Rossi/LOOK bindings? Did you replace the toe spring or do anything to the heel? I asked on another forum and got no real info... Can't wait to get back to skiing!

    I just got your Freewheel and it is a lifesaver in Alaska...



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    Hi Ira,

    I make simple blocks that fit between the back binding and the heel of the sitski. This block limits the movement of the back binding, therefore making it imposible to come out. I'll get pics up if you require!


    ps very happy about your success with the FreeWheel!

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    Ira - I think I met your dad, Glenn, at Tahoe Donner Nordic Center. I sent you an email of introduction too. If that is you, WELCOME !. If I am incorrect, WELCOME anyways !

    About the front binding - take out the spring and put a bunch of pennies in there. I think that is what most people do. Also get racing binding with high DIN settings. People then drill a hole to place a cotter pin so the rear binding can't release. I used "Monster Bindings" from Freedom Factory. It is built from the ground up solely for monoskiing. You can check it out on the web.

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    Pat, I'd love a pic. the Tessier owners manual just says that the LOOK bindings are better, but does not mention any mods. I have seen how to replace the toe spring, but the heels on these bindings are different than all the Salomon-esque types out there. Pinning and blocking would be a little different.

    I have access to all the Rossignol/Dynastar/LOOK gear, so that is what I will make work. It looks like others out there are happy with it.

    Arndog, that is me. Thanks!


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    Quote Originally Posted by number1advocate View Post
    I was a big skier prior to my injury and I have been mono-skiing 20 years post injury. I can tell you it is the most liberating thing you can do with a SCI. You can be completely independent on the mountain. You can ski virtually all of the terrain, no matter how gnarly. I mean big moguls, single blacks, double blacks. Steeps. Chutes. Trees. Big air. Cat skiing. Heli-skiing.
    It has ALL been done on a mono-ski. I am T-6 complete and although higher injury levels are much more challenging to master I skied my first double black last year. It was exhilarating and a feeling of great accomplishment. How many AB's do you know who can ski at that level? Bonus: NOBODY skiing upright can ski as fast as you can in a mono ski.
    Do you do allot mushing getting to the lift line? That's what I'm worried about, being stuck on the flats and not being able to get back.

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    Flats and lift line inclines are a pain. I try to view them as a way to keep the muscles warmed up. It helps to have good upper body strength to lift and push with your outriggers. Or have a ski buddy push you.
    The best thing you can do is know the mountain you are skiing. That way you can avoid the "slow" spots that can strand you in the flats. Getting up after falling in the flats can be a problem as well. Then you just have to ask for help and instruct an AB good samaritan on how to help.
    "If you are going through hell-keep going." -Winston Churchill

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    Resurrecting this thread because I went out yesterday for the first time this season. My program at Courage Center has a few locations and I moved to a much bigger hill about an hour away from my house. HUGE difference. Had a great time.

    Problem, though, is that they don't have an RPC at my new location so I'm in a Mogul Master. Not the same. It's harder to initiate turns and I'm sitting up a couple inches higher, which makes a big difference. C'est la vie, right?

    Oh, and I even broke an outrigger! Tradition lives on...

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