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Thread: Anyone Use Sativex For Spasticity?

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    Anyone Use Sativex For Spasticity?

    Hi, I've been reading about this sublingual cannabis spray called Sativex, legal in Canada, UK, Spain and for compassionate use in many countries. It has half THC, half cannabinoids to make it much more effective and safe for treating muscle spasticity than just THC (marijuana is mostly THC unless you use hemp strains). I'd love to try it if I could. Anyone here try it or have advice on obtaining it? Thanks!


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    Illiegal in the US:
    In the US, Sativex® is an investigational drug being developed as an adjunctive (additive) analgesic treatment for patients with advanced cancer whose persistent pain has not been adequately relieved by optimized treatment with strong opioids. The FDA has not approved Sativex® and the product is not available in the United States other than for use in FDA approved clinical trials.

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