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Thread: Yet another North American Supplier for Küschall

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    Yet another North American Supplier for Küschall

    US-customers: important information!

    Starting November 2010, the American distribution channel for küschall wheelchairs and spare parts, is now supported by Invacare Canada!
    US-supplier “Frank Mobility Systems” is no longer your provider in USA. We thank them for the long partnership and we will ensure that Invacare Canada will be highly attentive and respond to all your needs.
    For any questions or requests regarding küschall wheelchairs or spare parts, please contact:
    Invacare Canada
    16769 Hymus Blvd.
    Kirkland, Quebec H9H 3L4
    Tel: 888-682-2571 (leave your message on the voicemail and you’ll be called back quickly)
    Fax: 866-651-6973
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