I have a friend who has had their E-Motion M15 wheels for less than 12 months and recently suffered six broken spokes on one wheel and two on the other. They decided to let go all at once even though there had been some looseness prior. They have undergone no mistreatment whatsoever and in fact only get used on his commute to the city which has been rather seldom lately considering the weather we are getting in this neck of the woods. He had a very nervous ride home in the taxi wondering whether his whole wheels were going to collapse. On a positive note they are under warranty but I am a little disappointed in this as I have only had mine for four months and was hoping to have no troubles compared to the constant problems I had with my M 12's.

1. Has anybody else experienced this problem of spokes breaking?

2. What preventive measures could be taken to prevent this?

3. What other reliability issues have been evident with the M15's?

My E-Motion wheels came with Schwalbe right runs on them and I have found that they make little or no noise on my vinyl floor compared to the primo crosscourt tyres I used on my M12's. Does anybody have recommendations for long-lasting, relatively inexpensive tyres that are quiet on vinyl floors?