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Thread: Need to sell e-motion and spinergy wheels

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    I just put the e motions on ebay. Starting bid is $175. Buy now is $375

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    E-motions still available?

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    Spinergy Wheels

    Still got em?

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    I've been bad about getting back to your emails. I'm sorry about that. Yes, I still have the Spinergy wheels. No, the e.motion wheel went for only $175 on ebay (they were brand new w/ unused batterise too someone got a killer deal.) I still need to get to spinergy photos posted. again, they're unused and still in the box with the never mounted rim tape.

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    Spinergy wheels

    Send me pictures and let's work out a deal. I would love em

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    Paypal works for me btw.

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    e-motion wheels

    Quote Originally Posted by s2sgacia View Post
    I have an unused pair (still in box) of 25 inch 12 spoke spinergy wheels for sale. A push rim has never been mounted nor a set of tires. I'm not sure how much they should sell for, please make an offer.

    Also I have a pair of e-motion wheels that were used once and show no signs of wear. They come with one pair of batteries which were used once but I'm not sure if they lost any gusto because they've been sitting for two years. Unfortunately, I'll have to keep the charger, so just wheels, pneumatic tires, unscratched silver push rims, and a pair of batteries. I also have top end wheelchair inserts, if you want them. Again, please make an offer. I don't have any photos up yet, but again everything appears pretty much brand-new.

    Thanks I hope to hear from you soon.
    I am interested in the e-motion wheels. If they are the right model and they work, I will pay $1,000.00!!!!!

    Email me or call 612-345-2085


    Mike Duffy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Duffy View Post
    I am interested in the e-motion wheels. If they are the right model and they work, I will pay $1,000.00!!!!!

    Email me or call 612-345-2085


    Mike Duffy

    Mike look above in the thread the emotion eneded up selling for 175
    What ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger

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    do you still have he wheels for sale? if so how much does it take to buy em? thanks

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