So, as a T9, I have a lot of trunk control, but not nearly as much as a low para who would likely use a kneeler. However, I have more function than a high para/low quad, who would benefit from the recliner Force R, and the Force.

I've tried the more reclined position for the hand cycle and although it's the most aerodynamic position for racing, it just doesn't seem conducive to a full body workout. In fact, it feels as if it isolates the workout to the arms and shoulders, not engaging my back or abs at all.

I enjoy handcycling and want to purchase one myself, with the hopes of becoming competitive again. I guess maybe what I need to do is divorce the notion of a full body workout from the idea of speed and aerodynamics in a race. Is the assumption correct that one is mutually exclusive of the other?

Are there other T9s who prefer the fully reclined position over something upright like the Force G? Why so? Are you able to engage as much of your body in the reclined position as you are in an upright position? Did you start off with a Force G, realized that it gave you a full body workout, but decided to switch to the R because it preformed better in races?

These pieces of equipment are not cheap, and so I'm trying to decide what would be best tailored to what I'm hoping to get out of handcycling. It's really unfortunate that the retailers out here don't have a number of models you can try out to help the decision process, and so that's why I'm relying on your opinion. The people I know who handcycle are either kneelers, or fully reclined. I have yet to meet someone who sits upright.