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Thread: Seeking advice on chest strap

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    Seeking advice on chest strap

    I got a new serious power chair, and I need advice. Is there a chest strap that I can reach to loosen by myself enough to really reach things? I would rather loosen it, so it stayed there as a backup, rather than just undo it. But I have to do something to be able to reach things when I'm on my own. I wear it right up under my armpits, across the top of my chest.

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    I use mine when I'm alone as well. the strap is mounted a few inches below my armpits. I just leave very loose all the time. Leaning from side to side is no problem. The strap just keeps me from going all the way

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    My durable medical equipment supplier put this adjustable strap on my Invacare power chair. It is made with components from ITW Nexus. The buckle is an ITW Nexus TRS 200 (D ring is made by ITW Nexus), see the website:

    This strap came assembled and included the buckle, d ring, 2 inch nylon strap, and hardware to attach it to the wheelchair. Sorry I can't find any reference to the part number or the distributor of the assembled product.

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    I bet you could get the parts from Seattle Outdoor Fabrics, we've rigged up a variety of things using bits and pieces from there.

    Here's the product listings:

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