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Thread: Has anyone gone to the Vietnam Wall?

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    Learn what the marks by each name symbolize It's very moving when you notice this.
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    I go there every January when I'm in DC for an annual conference. Same with the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery.

    We owe so much!

    It's funny, but January is the best time for me to see these places. I'm glad there are hordes of schoolkids making the trip in the spring, and tourists all summer long, but I like to be there when it's empty and cold. You can go up to the house above Arlington where Robert E Lee's family & slaves lived before and during the Civil War and look right across the Potomac to the Lincoln Memorial. A straight shot, 19th century American history in one glance.

    The Wall is worth a whole afternoon . . . it just goes on and on, name after name after name in that frozen black granite until you can't stand it.

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    Yes, I visited and touched the wall as a child. Very moving.

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    I have been there 4-5 times. The first time we stumbled on it unaware that we were entering the Wall. It was night time and we took that particular path---very sobering moment to realize where we were.

    I have a friend on the well---my first crush as a teenager.

    Like Kate, I visit when few people are there--generally at night. Makes me think of the dark jungles, the silence and the unknown.

    The area is ramped, I would encourage others to make the journey if possible.
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    I grew up in the DC area and have been countless times. The experience is more powerful each time I visit.

    I used to jog a lot in that area pre-SCI and always tried to run within sight of it just to take that second to reflect. It's just that kind of place.

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    A picture that I took there a couple of years ago (sorry about the size):

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    sad place

    lost too many friends there, where i first blew my back some pics

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    Great photos, Bill - thanks for the link.

    Don - Grad Student Emeritus
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    We went to the Vietnam Memorial while in Washington D.C for Working to Walk a couple years ago. A park ranger helped me locate the name of the soldier that was on my POW MIA bracelet I wore throughout that era. His name was Robert E. Sennet. My son took photographs of me at the wall next to Roberts name. Lots of tears and emotions. The memorial was awesome!

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    The comments and pictures shared here are beautiful, thought provoking...and makes me feel so sad...
    "What has happened, has happened; What I am going through, I shall rise above; And what will come, I will meet with courage"~Hazrat Inayat Kahn

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