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Thread: Has anyone gone to the Vietnam Wall?

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    Has anyone gone to the Vietnam Wall?

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    Yes I cried there in 1985.
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    I was there in 1997. It was a very somber, yet peaceful experience.

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    I been there.

    It is a very sobering site, that wall. It starts out 2' high, and goes up taller than my brother (6'2") and back down to 2'.

    58000 names on there. I picked a few random names and got graphite rubbings of them and framed all of them.

    Also the 3 fiighting men statue is quite a site.

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    My wife and I went to see it in the 1980s. It was an experience I will never forget.
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    NL and I were there in 1987. There were many small mementos left at the base, flowers taped beside names, and several people doing pencil rubbings of names. There is a disquieting peacefulness about the monument.

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    I was there a long time ago. It is a very moving structure, and I was able to find the name of a someone who went to my high school.

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    Yes I was there last March. If you go, definitely listen to the story told by the volunteer or park ranger.
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    was there years ago when I was just starting high school. Made a big impression on us. We took rubbings from those who from our area. I still remember being there and the eery silence there was with so many people around.

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    I went in '94, about a year post injury. Looked up a couple of friends, pretty emotional time.
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