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Thread: Tilite ZRA S2 CAD Drawing

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    Tilite ZRA S2 CAD Drawing

    I got the CAD drawing from Scott of Bike-On this morning. Thought I should share it with CC members after all the doubts, suggestions and comments that lead to this stage. A big thank you goes out to all who had a part in this process. Any final advice before I OK it?
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    The front taper is quite wide - although my footrest is very narrow, so in comparison everything looks wide to me! Is that what you intended?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amyk View Post
    The front taper is quite wide - although my footrest is very narrow, so in comparison everything looks wide to me! Is that what you intended?

    I agree, you must go for a V front reduction with 11" or 10.5", you will be ok with that measurements.

    And are you sure about that dump? i tell you this because in your chair you only have the dump in the frame not in the seat, so that is not a really dump, but in this one you are going to give dump to the entire chair and maybe is much for you, maybe a 2.5" or 3" dump would better for you.

    And the COG is to behaind for my taste, but maybe is ok for 3.5" dump, but anyway i will order 2.5" and you could adjusted between 2" to 3" i think.

    The rest is ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amyk View Post
    although my footrest is very narrow, so in comparison everything looks wide to me! Is ?
    that`s happen to me too
    But that are the wider tennis shoes i`ve got.

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    personally I don't care for a narrow front end. I sit on the footplate and put my arms up behind/side me and push up to get from floor to chair. If I can't fit on the footplate(which at 10-12") I wouldn't be able to do that.
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    dont forget the footrest measurement is taken inside the bars at a distance of about 2 1/2 inches above the footrest.......those 2 1/2 inches dont make a huge difference - so on a zr a 12" footrest width translates to a total front end width of 14.5" the taper down from a front seat width of 16" is very small.

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    Looks nice! I agree with above comments about dump and footrest.
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    Wow, really custom made, Quickie seems like don't have this service.
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    For you can make an idea, the 12" measurement you`ve got in your chair if got in mine 9.7"

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    I won't address the seat dump because it is adjustable other than to say it appears you would be limited in your ability to raise the rear STF much higher unless you request the medium length strut (The very first ZRA S2 I posted used that strut).

    As far as footrest width, I don't know that anyone here can tell you for certain if they haven't seen you in person. You may get better positioning, but access to anything carried in a catchall under the seat may be impeded.

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