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Thread: Help with measurement/drawing

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    Help with measurement/drawing

    I'm having a hard time figuring out measurements for my new chair here. Trying to add more inches to the frame in front of the seat, cuz on TiLites, the curve starts right away, whereas on my Colours, it had a bulge and an area to grip. I thought that wasn't enough, but apparently it's large in comparison.
    I want to be able to get in from the ground, should I fall, and for when I need to. I got 85 degrees where my Colours is 90, but again, on Ti their taper is sorta different, so their 85 is more like 90. Confusing.

    I also can't decide whether to have a v-taper, or just have it square. I have super short legs, and when I put my feet together, it feels a bit like there's more pressure on my ischial area. It looks better, but when I have no taper, I have room to spread my feet out. Kind of feels slightly better.

    Not sure why, but I constantly do endos in my Colours, hence the new chair. I think it's cuz the 90 is too much for that short wheel base. So, can anyone tell by looking at the drawing as compared to the chair, if it could be enough to grip onto...and would it make the footrests come out further? Which I want, because I have to strap my feet in currently.

    The pic isn't showing up, just a question mark. It's at

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    You have a very short wheelbase, combined with minimal dump, and a high center of mass. Lowering both STF heights or increasing seat dump could add some stability, but more dump with a 15" seat depth and 3.25 COG could make it rear tippy.

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    The problem is, I can't take much dump (that doesn't sound good heh). I'm very short, and have Spina Bifida, so my pelvis is tilted forward, and I sit really hard on the ischials and forward. The more dump there is, the more pressure I feel, and I also feel squeezed.
    My main issue that I'm figuring out, is having enough footrests so I don't have to strap my feet in. I never used to have to do that until this Colours chair. But I don't want 90 degrees, cuz that's a heck of a lot sticking out. That's why I'm requesting inches added on to the front of the frame, to make the footrests come out further, as well as give me that grip space. Just from the drawing, it doesn't look like enough, still. Maybe I should ask for yet another inch. Do the casters have to be a certain distance from the back wheels? I guess it would be bad to have the caster stems be really long.
    Just looks like from the photo to the drawing, the frame in the photo is still longer in front.

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    With TiLite ordering a 90* front frame angle automatically adds 1" to the frame length, making the 85* and the 90* front frame angle very similar. Having the 90* front end with the required 1" added saves you some money so that you are not adding the 1" out of pocket for the 85* front frame.
    If you can't take much bucket (aka dump) in your chair, I would at least consider lowering the front and rear seat height making you sit more IN the chair rather than ON the chair. That should lower your center of mass making you less likely to endo out of the chair.
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    Well, with 25" wheels, with my Colours being 16" in back and 17" in front, the wheels still sit higher than I'd like. Not sure why a PT suggested the 17/18 size. I think a lot of my face plants on the Colours is due to the back wheels having the wrong center of gravity, not far enough forward. Plus it's jarring when I hit cracks, with the aluminum. Titanium does feel smoother. The reason for the 85* is to get that footrest out further, because I can't tuck my legs. So they sit on the very edge of the footrest, and don't stay on when I move around. Hence strapping them in. Hate doing that, and didn't have to in past chairs. I might have to find some sort of grippy stuff for them, though.

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    Consider getting 3" added frame length to give you that gripping area you want and extending your wheelbase. I would stay with 85 front, not 90 if I were you.

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    Would larger-diameter casters reduce endos? I run with 6" softrolls and love them.
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    how exactly do you do floor-to-chair transfers and would you still be able to do them with a wider angle front - like 80-70 degrees?

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    I do floor-to-chair transfers by gripping the front of the frame and putting a knee on the footplate and hoisting myself in however I can. It's hard because I have a permanently broken left hip, and it flops when I'm on my knees. I haven't used brakes in ages, but that actually would probably help, eh?
    Having 5" casters helps tremendously, but it looks ickier than 4" heh. Not as sporty. No way on more degrees. Harder to roll up to counters for dishes and whatnot. 90 was great, but on this 85 is like 90 kind of, not a huge difference. Might be just enough to help with endos, though. I did roll in a demo that was, and with 4" casters, and as long as I'm watchful of big cracks in the sidewalk, I'm good. The Titanium is smoother when hitting jaggedy stuff.

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