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Thread: Sure Grip Push/Rock hand controls for c6/7 quad?

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    Sure Grip Push/Rock hand controls for c6/7 quad?

    Do any of my quad buddies use the "Sure Grip" hand controls? The push/rock looks interesting but I don't know whether lack of grasp would make it challenging. Reviews indicate it's a soft motion but I'm not sure how it would be different. They also have a push/right angle that is closer to the push forward brake/pull down gas from Monarch/MPD etc.

    I've been driving push foward/pull down for 26 years. Good tricep, good wrist. No grasp. I'd have decent elbow support.

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    They work well. I currently have sets in 2 different vehicles. They're not really that much different in use to MPDs, which I've used too. Go for it.

    C6 here, functional at C7.

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    Hi thermbug,

    I am a C5-C6 Quad with good grip. I tried the Sure-Grips in a driving clinic and wasn't comfortable with them as you have to hold onto the vertical handle constantly. I use the MPD's and they work fine.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Millard View Post

    you have to hold onto the vertical handle constantly...
    not true.

    most of the time I rest my palm on top of the handle to rock it down. I rarely actually grip it, and I've been driving with these controls for a good 50-60k+ miles.

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    I use the push/rock also. I would never use anything else.
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    I prefer using the sure grip handcontrols, I'm a c 5/6 and I don't have a strong grip, it doesn't take much to give the gas, I usually rest my hand over the handle and press down. For me these are the best handcontrols to use.

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    I am a para but I thought I would chime in anyway. I love my suregrips and mine has a VERY light touch. The reason I thought I might have something to add is that I aften times drive and eat a buurger at the same time only using a balled up fist to control the suregrips... accel and braking. Very easy to use. I hope this is helpful.
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