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Thread: Arachnoditis - new CareCure member

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    Arachnoditis - new CareCure member

    So much pain, everywhere. New screaming pains. I have had 6 lumbar surgeries along with numerous other medical insults to my spine. I have almost every symptom of arachnoiditis, and am, or have been on every narcotic made... none help. I've also been diagnosed with fibro myalgia, MS, etc. Lately I've been awaken in screaming pain... burning and crushing in my feet. Last night it happened on the inside of my right knee. It felt like my knee was dislocated. My shoulders also feel dislocated while laying down. Does anyone else have arachnoditis, or other spine injuries that experience these symptoms? Does this mean I'm getting closer to a wheelchair, or being homebound? It hurts (almost worse) than any of my other extreme arachnoiditis pains. PLEASE, any one out there with the same pain contact me!!! Anyone with arachnoiditis that wants to talk please send me a note. I have only had arachnoiditis (dx) for 3 months and am alone and scared.

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    I hope someone with experience with your problem answers you. Are you seeing a Pain Specialist?

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    Several years ago a couple of articles from my website on central pain were reprinted in a newsletter from an arachnoditis group, but it was based in New Zealand. I haven't checked, but surely there must be something in the U.S. as well.

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    sounds like what I've had every night for 6 years. While it was suspected arachnoiditis is a specific condition that even despite your symptoms and surgeries you are unlikely to have. SOunds like good old CP coupled with some very specific nerve damage.

    Don't give up moving keep your mobility, I can't tell yo to deal with it as I've been suicidal over it for years but squeek by. See a good neuro and get the test before presuming arachnoiditis. they may find the cause or as in my case tough luck charley ...nothing left to do.

    good luck,

    God Bless

    so sorry

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