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Thread: laproscopic colostomy vs. open

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    laproscopic colostomy vs. open

    why do some doctors do this laparscopically annd some open. My dr wants to do mine if i do it open. I've had other abdominal surgeries, could this be why? Just curious why some get to do the less invasive way and have a shorter hospital stay.

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    Are they removing anything before the colostomy? I'm having a temp colostomy on Jan 7th and they are doing it laprascopically. I'm getting mine before flap surgery to make my after care easier. From what I gathered from my appointment they would only need to do an open procedure if they were removing damaged parts of the colon or intestine. I have so many questions about the colostomy and how to manage it afterwards. I posted a thread about this about a week ago but no one responded to it. I hope you and I can get some answers through this thread. Good luck. There is a lot of information on line and videos to watch on how to care for the stoma. I just used google to find the information.

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    Your history of previous abdominal surgeries is most likely the reason. These cause adhesions (a type of internal scarring) that usually preclude the successful us of "bandaid" surgery for procedures such as colostomy or gall bladder removal. You should ask your surgeon about all options and the pros and cons of each.


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    offroader, I'm doing an elective cause i'm sick of bowel program. I just hate to go through a surgery and long hospital stay. B ut i have no fear of the bag, just the surgery. I've had a big surgery for perforated bowel in 06, so this must be why it must be open. i wish they would have given me the bag then.

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    My surgeon said I would be there for 2-3 days for the colostomy. I'm having the flap done at the same time and they want to send me home after 2-3 days. I don't feel comfortable with that so I printed out information from this site to take to my next appointment. 2-3 day seems to soon to lay on a gurney for the ambulance ride home after flap surgery.

    Good luck on your surgery. I am ready to get it all over with.

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