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Thread: XBOX Kinect - does not like wheelchair users

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    XBOX Kinect - does not like wheelchair users

    Here is an article I found after I had a very upsetting time with the Xbox Kinect system.

    Sean was 9 this week has and been in a wheelchair since he was 4. Anyway he decided to buy one of these systems with the money he got as birthday presents and he picked it up yesterday. At no point did the store mention there would be an issue for wheelchair users using the game. Or that the particular game which comes as standard with the game cannot be played if you can't stand. We were not offered and had no reason to ask for a game which a wheelchair user can play. Microsoft are aware of the issue but made no attempt to warn people /retailers of the issues. After an hour trying to play the game we realised that the system was not broken - which would have upset Sean but that it didn't recognise him because he was in a wheelchair - it was like a kick in the teeth.

    What was really upsetting was the game Adventures displays an avatar when you stand up, so the whole family was visually present on the screen except Sean. So Microsofts message to Sean is you can't stand you don't exist. Life is hard enought without this shit. It wouldn't even let him move his hands, we would have found a way to include him if it even acknowledge him - but he doesn't exist.

    This system is being marketed as a family friendly and inclusive - beg to differ Sean could not have felt more exclued. Firstly this could have been avoided if we had know of possible issues and secondly where do they come off designing a game to exclude disable people.

    I am going to post this in the Family forum as well - just in case somebody buys this product for Christmas to have family fun over the holidays.

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    Yeah i was thinking about this ... If ppl in wheelchairs would be able to use the kinnect... I guess i got my answer

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    I tried it kinect. It did not work.
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    anyone tried ps3 move?

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    At least Wii lets everyone play - even my 74 y.o. mother with alzheimer's!

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    The kinect did not work. We tried to have it detect me in my wc for 15mins but nothing.
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