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I realize that many people here may not have an interest in watching movies about somebody with spinal cord injury, in the same way a doctor may not have interest in watching doctor movies. However, movies represent the lives of people with spinal cord injury to the general public and so I try to watch them when I find them. So, I thought that I would start a topic about movies that feature spinal cord injury. I just came across one that I had never heard of before, call "My Own Love Song", starring Renee Zellweger. Made in 2010, it is a sensitively and beautifully shot movie (available in HD from Netflix) but not highly rated (three stars) by viewers. Zellweger does a good job, in my opinion.

just watched this via netflix streaming. thx wise prob not highly rated by viewers cause obly 1 thing blew up i liked it, enjoyed the music and didn't know renee could sing.