I was looking for where the nerves were located and thought I would search for nerve pain forums to see if there were people in the same world I live in. I was involved in vehicle accident that broke my hip I guess the broken boned jagged edges damaged my nerve and now I suffer from nerve pain in my left leg. This accident happened in the year 03 the pain narcotics I had been taking to make the pain go away (30mg morphine, max on the vicodin,hidromophon, I can't remember all) worked for 5 years then I biult a tolerance to them, now I have no pain relief at all. They have had me on gabipentin for several times but it never seems to do anythng for me each time was around 5 to 6 months. About a year ago I was ready thru a pain forum I read where people had the nerves destroyed and they said the nerve pain had gone away for months to years. So I have been trying to get this done, and am unsuccesful. they sent me to a pain specialist and he wants to implant a spinal cord stimulator, the only thing is I can,t afford the surgury and insurance, I ask him to do neuroblation on the nerve he said that would be the last resort. I won't denie that I have been thinking of suacide I been telling myself I won't feel the nerve any more because it really hurts, but I have been thinking that if I can't get the Dr.s to do the surgury that I wood get a box cutter and cut the nerve myself because my leg is numb I can't feel it so it wouldn't hurt none, But I feel the nerve in about a close location of where is. this has been on my mind for several months I keep thinking that I'll hit the femeral artery or how much blood there will to where I wouldn't be abe to see what I was doing, to cutting the wrong nerve. Because I don't think I can live whith this much longer. just thought I wouldleave a note of my exsperiance whith this nerve pain. I hope none of you have to go thru what I have been.