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Thread: Watching Deer Grazing In My Yard At Midnight

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    Watching Deer Grazing In My Yard At Midnight

    I live in Texas, we have seen way more deer grazing around our house this year. We have seen quite a few bucks with big racks. Our dogs are so use to seeing them that they don't even try chasing them anymore, we live on 10 acres. We have motion detector lights right outside the study, when I'm at my desk I can see them come on so I know it's either the dogs or an animal. Or at least I hope it is, I would have a heart attack if I saw a human animal wondering around out there.

    Here are a few pictures taken in July from the study, the bucks we're seeing now are much bigger;

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    This one and 1 more

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    last one

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    How lovely! I would love to be able to gaze out a window at deer. I live in such an urban environment about the most to be seen are pigeons!

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    It's just incredible - I would love to watch wild animals like this on my own backyard. I live near forest, but I have never seen something like this. It seems like the animals are too scared to come closer to humans.

    When I was a kid I could watch for hours as avery winter birds come to the birdtable. I guess that part is still in me somewhere.

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    That's awesome. It reminds me of where we lived at one time when I was growing up. I wish I had a view like that.

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    I didn't realize bucks hung out together during the rut?

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    Could be those bucks don't care for the does.... ? Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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    unless they have taken over a herd of does where the buck died, or they defeated and took a harem, young bucks live in bachelor herds until rut the next year, when they will again try to collect a doe or two and have a herd of their own. the then run off the bucks that are born, when they are about two. if their a are male young from another buck they are run out or depending on age. herd animals need company, so they have bachelor wild horse herds too.

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    The bucks you're seeing now could be the same ones in the photos you took in July. As their antlers grow much bigger through the month of August.

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