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Thread: 4AP and Seizures

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    4AP and Seizures

    My son is 5 years old. He has an incomplete C3-C5 SCI that happened when he was 6 months old.
    He is also on Cabatrol, a time release capsule for seizures. His seizures are related to his birth family history of epilepsy, not from his injury. He has not had a seizure in 3 years. The EEG done one year ago came back abnormal so he continues to take Carbatrol.

    I was reading about 4AP and noticed some mention of seizure risks. Is 4AP contraindicated for people with seizures, even if they are well controlled? Will a doctor prescribe 4AP to a child?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Meghan, I wish that I had an answer to your question. Your question really has two parts and I don't have enough information to be able to answer either part with any authority beyond speculation. The first part has to do with seizures and the second is related to use of 4-AP in children.

    4-aminopyridine increases excitability of neurons and does increase the risk for seizures. Until recently, almost all th cases of seizures were reported in people with multiple sclerosis. In MS, due to the presence of brain lesions, the incidence of seizures is higher than the normal population and 4-aminopyridine increases this incidence. In the past three years, several cases of seizures associated with 4-aminopyridine. Most of these cases were associated with doses of 4-AP greater than 10 mg four times a day.

    4-aminopyridine use in children. There is so little experience with 4-AP use in children that I don't know what whether children would respond differently to the drug and whether the risk of seizures would be greater in children. As you know, seizures themselves are not the end of the world and they can be controlled with medication. I have heard of some people with MS who have a tendency for seizures but who continue to take 4-aminopyridine alongside anti-epileptic medication.


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