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    Hey guys, I just recently finished filming a mini-movie titled "Juxed" with a few accomplished Hollywood actors. I just posted some behind the scene pics and production pics here on Carecure. The shoot was 4 sixteen hour days. As you can imagine, I was very concerned about catching a pressure sore, but by the grace of God all went well. My goal is to get the finances to turn it into a feature film with nation wide release. I want to show the world that this wheelchair cannot stop us from achieving our goals. The film is almost finished editing. If you want to see the poster and synopsis, you can go to I will be premiering "Juxed" in Film Festivals around the country. Please support me in my endeavors by spreading the word once I put the trailer to the film up within the next few weeks. If we can show the studios we have an audience eager to see it as a feature film, it will go a long way in procuring the finances and distribution needed to get "Juxed" the feature into theaters around the country. The film is based on a true story, and as you will be able to tell by the pics, the quality of the film is akin to a movie you would go to the theaters and see. Thank you so much!!!!!
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