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Thread: Handicap parking awareness video.

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    Handicap parking awareness video.

    Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been a good member lately, let alone moderator... I'll post later about the last 6 months which have been crazy. Anyways... I just finished translating this video released by the association I volunteer for. It's gone hugely viral here in Quebec... the French version has had over 100,000 views in less than a week. So pass it around to your friends!

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    This is profoundly sad. Thank you for translating it. I hope those who abuse the disabled parking areas see it and realize the error of their ways as well as the danger they put disabled folks in.

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    I think the internet link to this should be printed on a sticker and plastered on the window of handicapped parking offenders. Maybe, out of curiosity, they would check out the link and watch the video. (Sadly, probably not!)


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    We will never get everyone to understand and respect the minimum.
    I have problems at least once a week.
    Do you think i am still polite and forgetfull as i used to be to those people?
    If they dont learn the easy way, they┬┤ll learn the hard way.
    And i dont hesitate to punch one in the throat if any tries to touch me.
    Used to find this sad. Now makes me explode.

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    c'est tres bon! this is something i have wanted to do for my campus so i forwarded it to the head of parking and transportation
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    The "danger" aspect is something I never thought of and is an interesting and valid point.

    Well done.

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    Very good.

    So often we feel powerless to do much of anything to change the world, but a well made video about HC parking that went viral would cost nothing but time and effort and would have a real effect.

    Lets make some more videos. I might try to make one myself.

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    Wow, the end really got me!

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    let's do a Hc stall video too.

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    Wow, Chris, that was really powerful, although the end shocked the hell out of me. I came very close to a similar thing happening more than once...

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