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Thread: Side to side play in wheels?

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    Question Side to side play in wheels?

    Hey guys/gals,
    I was just wondering about how much side play in the wheels on my new tilite zra s2 chair is normal. I have the spinergy lx 25 wheels. I would think here should be almost none,
    Any help would be great, thanks

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    none would be nice, I've noticed mine has some also.
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    There is no play on my AeroZ with Spinergy wire wheels.
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    It's easy to adjust. Take the axle and use a 3/4" open end wrentch on the nut and a 7/16th or 1/2" on the slote where the bb's are. Just tighten a little til the play is less. If it's too tight the axle won't "lock". I like just a l ittle wiggle so that I know the axle will lock.

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    That's not the wiggle I have. I've tightened the axle's down, there is no play in them at all. Mine is in the wheel between the tire and the hubs themselves, maybe the spokes just weren't tightened enough, I tried to go through and tighten them with the little tool I received with my chair, however that thing was about a soft as a brick of butter and I went through 2 of them before I tightened 5 spokes....
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    Mines the same, must be the Spinergy's I guess

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    Yeah the axles are adjusted perfectly but still have play, feels like it's in the bearings. I guess it's normal (shouldn't be)

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