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Thread: Possible cure! Only time will tell.......

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    Hello CC,

    Just made a video of me in bed showing and explaining two things. The difference in how I balance in a sitting position with my legs straight out. And the fact that I can lift my butt in the air which I was unable to do until about a month ago.

    Questions? Comments?



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    Hi Dustin - I posted on the other thread, but just wanted to give you a wave and thumbs-up here.

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    Thank you Bonnette, it's always a pleasure getting a response from you.

    Chris Arnold, Ken said he sent you that info 3 weeks ago so he'd like you to contact him at his website's email address at to fix any issues regarding your address.

    I made another video this morning seeing how I was all gung-ho about going to Gaylord this morning but almost 2 feet of snow stopped me. Appointment cancelled. Anyway I decided to show my at home exercise regime. In it I mention the fact that my pecks are becoming visible. I've worked out this hard for 12 years, or since my accident, and just now my pecks are becoming alive. Anybody can touch them for proof. And in time I believe you'll be able to clearly see them. I'd like to make a topless video now (to show my chest now and in the future) but unless there was a huge demand for it...I'll spare the embarrassment.

    Well here it is (dot dot dot) <-----for leaf again if he's still watching

    Thanks for watching

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onwalker78 View Post
    Ken did promise to send some gen by post to me. My address is in the UK, and I am wondering whether he considers that to be a no.

    I'll get a hold of him later because his phone's off when he's with a client.

    I'll have an asnwer for you soon..


    Ken did send a reply, and mentioned problems with the post
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    I have not read the pages of posts with this thread but I wanted to say that I believe in the "sleeping/unknown" movement a person with sci may have... I will never forget the times my son showed signs of return he didn't notice at first. Some he has since worked with and kept, others he didn't really believe when I pointed them out because when he actually tried to do them, it didn't happen. What I mean is: a somewhat tapping of his feet to the radio blasting as we headed to rehab. I saw it more than once. The minute I pointed it out, it stopped. Anyhow, without further delving into the topic, I just wanted to suggest since you are in Florida or otherwise, the place my son went to for while that used biofeedback was a good thing for him. And I have always wished I would've pushed for his continued therapy there but life was just getting a bit overwhelming for him staying there at that time. It is something I would love for him to pursue again. If you are interested in further information about the place he went to, pm me and I will dig out the info for you. They were a really great group of people and every day he went he was able to build up signal strength level to level. Happy for you. Keep at it. ~ Teresa
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    Teresa, that is a great point you make and I hope that there will be a way for your son to explore this approach again. There is so much we don't know about our microcircuitry! Thank you for sharing this, and best wishes to you and your son.

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    Greetings CC,

    I'm back with an update for those who are interested. Yesterday I returned to Gaylord for my 3rd outpatient PT appointment after missing one due to Hunter's ambulance tardiness. I had also missed my appointment with the physiologist Dr. Rosenblum due to snow. However it has been rescheduled for Feb 23rd.

    PT has been going great for me. I'm going to explain the changes in my PT performance from before my 5 NSC treatments versus after them. In May of 2010 I had PT with Wendy, an outpatient PT at Gaylord. With my new PT Ingrid we looked back at my records from then and noted the following:

    On the lat machine ---3 reps of 15 at 40 lbs.
    On the rickshaw---3 reps of 15 at 4 lbs.
    Unable to use peck deck

    Now as of yesterday with Ingrid I was able to do the following:

    On the lat machine---3 reps of 15 at 60 lbs.
    On the rickshaw---3 reps of 15 at 10 lbs.
    On the peck deck---3 reps of 15 at 10 lbs.

    (For those that don't believe me I'll get Wendy and Ingrid's notes, scan and post them. If you ask me to. I already have like 4 old assessments from my prior Dr. Rosenblum appointments which I was waiting to post with my new assessment on Feb 23rd unless somebody would like to see them sooner. Just ask if interested.)

    At first glance it may seem that the changes are so slight they are of little importance. But to myself, Ingrid, and anyone who else who can put two and two together realize this. Different muscles such as my pecks and tris and whatever other muscles I can just newly feel in my back,arms, and chest were just recently "activated" as I like to put it. Therefore only 3 or so months later and they are already visibly and physically showing a good amount of improvement. That to me means it's just the beginning and there's room for much more improvement.

    Now for matwork. For those that have seen my second to last video and for those that haven't I'm able to lift by butt in the air which I was unable to do before the treatments. Now when I had my first appointment after the treatments on Jan 7th Ingrid helped me into the sitting position on the side of the mat with my feet planted firmly on the floor. I was able to balance solo that way for approximately 15 seconds. She then made it a goal of mine to balance like that for 40 seconds. Well yesterday I doubled that to my and her amazement at 1 minute and 35 seconds.

    Then this morning I amazed myself and my girlfriend as well. While laying on my elbows behind me in bed I was able to throw an arm back, balance on it, throw my other arm back and get myself into a sitting position with no assistance. I'm going to film it with my cell phone because I can't find the flipcam I usually film with. So heads up...tomorrow I'll do it. And for the first time in 12 years I exercised on my elbows and arms all morning without having to rest them like I have always had to do in the past. That's what made me feel compelled to try something new. And I actually accomplished that after an hour plus of exercising. I'm still in awe

    Well that's it for now...thanks CC


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    Yay, Dustin! That's great and thanks for this update.

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    Here's the video I said I'd post. It's of me doing something I was only able to do with dycem gloves on a sticky mat surface. Now I can do it with ease on 300 thread count sheets. No assistance. I wonder what's next...

    Thanks for watching

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    This is wonderful, Dustin. Initially, the hardest thing for me to "get" about my own therapeutic regimen was that progress is built on a foundation of consistently practiced steps...whatever we are able to do today that we couldn't do yesterday makes us more in touch with our bodies, our selves and our lives, and helps us going forward in all kinds of ways. It's tremendously gratifying to see the progress you are making. My very best wishes to you.

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