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Thread: Possible cure! Only time will tell.......

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    Possible cure! Only time will tell.......

    My name's Dustin Raymond. I'm a c5-6 quad and I think the spinal cord injury community needs to see this video. It's of me. I've been paralyzed since June 6th, 1998. As of November 22, 2010 I've regained movement in my quadriceps, hamstrings, abs, pecks, and triceps. I actually have feeling in my chest and back way lover than my level of injury. I can feel my triceps! My nipples Just watch my video, take notes....and be prepared to go to Florida for the closest damn thing to a cure you'll find on this planet

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    sorry I cannot see the video, can you tell me the treatment? I live in fl.

    thanks, manouli

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    Glad you've gotten so much return! Please tell me that isn't a pack of Newports in your lap.

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    lol! Yes it is...I'm guilty. Quitting is on my to do list. Got bigger fish to fry at the moment! Subscribe to my youtube channel for new videos/updates.....and plz spread the word. This is real!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly_Pelican_Fly View Post
    That's a very interesting and informative thread, thanks for the link.

    Dustin, I wish you all the best and look forward to following your progress.

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    Hope this is legit but i don't have a good feeling about it.

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    If anyone would like to follow my progress subscribe to my youtoube channel draymond247. I just shocked my primary care physician, now I'm heading back to Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, Ct, where I'll prove it's true. They have my med records from before the treatments and now I'll do another assessment and film it to show its legit.

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    it's legit....
    Go see Ken for yourself and watch him at work.....
    Or try a treatment. $200 will change your life, If u have an SCI anyway...

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