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Thread: Quadriplegic Begs to Die, But Hospital Refuses

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    Oregon law allows it but you will never get a doctor to help you, I think this is so screwed,it is his life!
    c3/c4, injured 2007

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    like i said before, any high quad can kill themself. these stories are media drama. cr could've gone out one day and put his sip and puff over a cliff. if you wanna die, you will.

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    This topic is really heavy

    One way or another following through is not impossible .
    The hardest part of life is living . I do not like the idea of suffering nor seeing anyone else suffer .
    But we all have choices

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    Cass, I had a friend, high quad, who was injured due to risky conduct. His father told me that he tried to commit suicide and failed, and now a quad. He did one day, die. He was in his mid 20's. He used to take his powerchair and try to get it to fly into traffic, into the street, over curbs. Advocates tried to get him to channel all his anger and energy into some sport, talk it out in SCI support groups. He then continued to find ways to die, and he succeeded.

    I believe people should have a right to die. The problem is often depression may be from his medication. He may be feeling guilty for putting the burden on his family to take care of him and not being independent. He sounds angry he does not have education. Why not? Wouldn't the state sponsor for him to get an education? Is his anger due to not having enough money to support his life? So when someone checks out, it is permanent. I remember reading a lot of these type of stories for Kevorkian.
    And a group, Not Dead Yet, was fighting them as well.

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    trainman, good post. From experience you can and many of us can discuss the possiblitly of suicide. the one question that I have does one who passes from this life achieve peace? It is obviuosly an answer none of us can give with any known accuracy. I know that having the belief that something may be on the horizon fo rimpeovement for all of us.

    keeping on

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