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Thread: How's the Weather?

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    11 degrees this AM, gusty winds, an inch of snow, high of 21 degrees. My dock is still in the water, called my boat guy yesterday and reminded him, asked if he was waiting until he needed an ice spud. He has been AWOL because his dad had a combine accident while getting soy beans in, luckily boat guy is not deterred by cold water he is a big time duck hunter and also on the sherriff's underwater recovery scuba team.

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    Ben flurrying on and off all day today was very cold last night and icy in spots this am. And the wind has been whipping thru as well. I am afraid the deep freeze is here to stay now.
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    Today is cold for LA(Lower Alabama).
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    Northeast Pa. very cold in the low teens. Windy. The best part is we missed the snow. Hit way north of us. Calling for 50 to 60 for the weekend into next week. Great temps for November. We are looking good for the north. Best to all and stay warm.

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    It is 10 degrees and we are getting snow. About 4 ft on the ground. Our drive has not been plowed. Think he forgot about us?

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    Buffalo ny has about 6 feet that is average for the whole year there. And they got it within 24 hours. They have sent fire depts and the national guard from all over nys to help. Thruway is closed because of it so its going to be difficult to even get there to help.
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