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Thread: How's the Weather?

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    No snow on the ground which is unsual, but fine for everyone I know.
    Not good for people in the snow removal business though.
    it is 25 and sunny no wind. Pretty pleasant for this neck of the woods.

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    Moderator jody's Avatar
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    east o the southern warren
    every time I think about my truck it rains harder.
    I cant get a tarp over it. its full of water in the foot wells, you could swim duck in there.

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    40 and clear here. Our lake has no ice, last year this time people were ice fishing. I always watch the muskrat lodges in nearby swamps. This time last year there were 5 really big lodges in a nearby swamp - this year only one and very small. They build them large for insulation before a bitter winter. I'm hoping the muskrats have made an accurate long term forecast.

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    Hopefully your muskrat predictions pay out. There are a lot of geese around here too.
    It has been in the 40s and an above average X-mas predicted.

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    east o the southern warren
    if it rains any harder I think we might float away, but there it goes raining harder still.

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    Wish we could get some of that rain in the Bay area or in the Sierra. Tahoe looks like it will be brown for Christmas. Compare these picture from this year and last year.

    Think Rain!!!! Think Snow!!!!

    All the best,

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    Oh now I get it Jody. It is pouring rain there! My minds ben a bit thick today and the cow pissing on a flat rock didn't make sense...........hope it lets up soon.

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    cold snow wet
    oh well

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    Weatherman said "slight" chance of skiff of snow over night, we woke up to 8in of HEAVY wet snow it dropped another 2in before the slight chance of a skiff of snow was over....We are going to have a white Christmas

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    It's 60 and sublime today in New Jersey, quite a rarity for January. In real life I would have found a friend to go for a hike up at Round Valley. Instead I stood outside (standing chair) and did some isometrics. It was not one of those days when I was able to convince myself it was enough.

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