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Thread: How's the Weather?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    The UK came to a halt today after heavy overnight snow, all airports closed, no trains running and only motorways passable - I hate Winter!
    I looked out of the window a few minutes ago. It's depressing seeing how much snow is still about. Snow was falling for hours yesterday.
    I want to live at Garyis's house in Hawaii.

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    It is 40 F here at nearly two in the morning. We are actually wrmer than usual for this time of year...may explain the tornado that hit a few miles from here. They are an unusual occurance, only about 10 in the past fifteen years and the first to cause damage. We have had heavy rain and wind where I'm located, but nothing major. The weather people keep saying it will snow but then the temp goes up.

    I am trying to get to sleep, so am drinking a nice hot spiced cider. My sleeping pills don't work as well as they used to. I keep waking up at about this time every night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    The UK came to a halt today after heavy overnight snow, all airports closed, no trains running and only motorways passable - I hate Winter!
    Just get Kate to walk thew streets. She makes butter melt so I'm sure she'd do a great job melting the snow.
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    -4 now with a -16 windchill. Just waiting for the next storm which will be coming this evening and expected to dump another 6-8 inches snow. When does winter start anyway???
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    Feeling better cold out 58f showers and its supposed to be summer.

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    umm, when is it going to stop raining? this is not cool for so-cal

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    Nice warm weather 87 f today 90 f tomorrow might actually finish the book i am reading outside. hopefully pick a few strawberries and a couple of pints of cherry tomatoes by tomorrow.

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    Lots of rain.

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    First truly white Christmas that I can remember in Tennessee. I hate snow, but it's perfect for the kids.
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    Raineed all day on / off and cold dampness but we needed the rain
    Too bad for my arthritis lmao
    The Woodstove keeps me at a happy medium . Earlier today I felt like going out driving in the backroads ,woods but took a well needed break instead .

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