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Thread: How's the Weather?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    Bente, most of the storms this year in my area are real snowstorms, with high winds, some of the thunder shown in the above video, and lots of drifting and blowing. We had another storm yesterday and into today. At the end it changed to sleet, and since then the temperatures have dropped dramatically. I live across the street from a restaurant and for about the last half hour have been listening to the sounds of someone trying to get their car out of the parking lot, which is now totally glazed over with ice. It is not the nice gentle snow that drops from the sky that I experienced when I was in Sweden.
    The Swedish snow is exactly like the Norwegian snow We use to have the same kind of weather. Oslo is in the end of the fjord, southeast of the country and fare from the coast, so we never have any big storms. It is hardly blowing where I live. But since Norway is a long country it is different weather all over.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    The weather in NJ sucks, snow, snow and mor snow. Am sooo ready for spring...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chick View Post

    hhaahaha that is the tiniest car I have ever seen behind that guy. So glad we didn't get more snow during all of this. You all stay warm.
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    Rolling blackouts were implemented across Texas, including in Super Bowl host city Dallas, because of high demand during a rare ice storm. The outages would not affect Cowboys Stadium in suburban Arlington, said Jeamy Molina, a spokeswoman for utility provider Oncor. But other Super Bowl facilities, such as team hotels, were not exempt, she said.
    This kind of pisses me off. I have friends whose pipes are now frozen because their house was hit by multiple, and long, blackouts. I mean I understand it, but still unfair. I really do "feel" for all the peripheral businesses who spent big bucks lining up parties and such, this has been a big blow, they are now reducing prices to activities trying to entice people out of their hideyholes.

    What really pisses me off, the blackouts are due to pipes freezing at power stations, one station only being 3 yrs old. WTF? How could you be so stupid as to build a new station and not expect really cold weather once in awhile? idiots.
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    WINTER 2011 - Don't know author. Circulating on net.

    It's winter in New York
    And the gentle breezes blow,
    40 miles per hour, feels like 32 below.
    Oh, how I love New York
    When the snow's up to your butt;
    You take a breath of winter air
    And your nose is frozen shut.
    Yes, the weather here is wonderful,
    You may think I'm a fool.
    I could never leave New York,
    Cause I'm frozen to the stool.

    (Take out NY and fill in your state)

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    epic poem and snow here in my part of kentucky..still damn cold though

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    Long Island, NY
    nbtoppers - I hear it is just as cold there currently, my condolences.

    Btw, any people on the Northeast that may be in hibernation and not aware (although somehow i doubt it), there is a N'oreaster apparently coming in thurs to friday i believe, oh joy.

    If i complain in anyway during the summer of hot temperatures, anyone please feel free to send me a smack.

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    It was almost 70 today sorry!
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    I'm sitting here listening to the everpresent rain. Good ole Seattle, you can always counton it.... rusting away

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    It has not changed for many days. Between -1 and -4, snow and ice in the streets and sidewalks, grey sky with a little sunshine for a short time, too cold to sit on the outsidecafes.
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