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Thread: Vitamin D Deficiency Results

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    Vitamin D Deficiency Results

    I just got my vitamin D level results back. My level is 6, Dr. said it should be between 30 to 60. I start taking a vitamin D supplement tomorrow. Dr. said it's common in the SCI population.

    I read tonight that you are supposed to take Magnesium along with the vitamin D to help with absorption. I'm going to ask my Dr. about it tomorrow. Anyone else heard this?

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    I've not heard about taking magnesium with Vit D ... but I was low this summer too. I'm taking 3 drops daily (1000 iu per drop).

    I think it's a good idea for all of us to take at least a multi-vitamin. I take that, as well as extra Vit D and iron (with the thought being that inability to walk means that the muscles aren't moving over bones, stimulating those little red blood cell factories in the marrow ... but unsure on the validity of that claim ... sounds good to me though!)

    I like to get my Vit C from orange juice or fruit ... but sometimes I find it's irritating to my aging paralytic bladder. I've increased my milk intake as well so I assume I'm getting enough Vit D ... though it's difficult to tell for a paralyzed woman on the brink of menopause!

    My body would not heal from pressure sores until my iron came back up so that is why I take extra there too.
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    I haven't heard of taking Magnesium with Vitamin D, but that could be true. Check with your physician or pharmacist. You can also get Vitamin D from short periods of exposure to the sun - like 15-20 minutes a day. Make sure that you wear sunscreen.

    We are seeing a lot more Vitamin D deficiency since there has been such a big push on skin cancer. Remember, that a small amount of sun is ok.


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    Many, many people in the northern hemisphere are Vitamin D deficient, including myself. I have also never heard of taking magnesium, but I have heard of taking a calcium supplement with vitamin D as part of the tablet. Something like Caltrate, or Oscal.

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    The reason for Magnesium along with the viamin D is mainly because of constipation. When you body processes the Vitamine D, it uses Magnesium. Low Magnesium levels can lead to constipation..

    I've always been low on vitamin D. Even in the summer I'm supposed to take 1000um a day..Winter time I double it.

    Well this time when I started jacking up my dose, I wasn't taking a multi-vitamin as well, which lead to the low magnesium...which lead to a pain in the ass (pun intended).

    Cool thing about vitamin D is it's fat if you want, you could take a weeks worth of it in one shot. It will be abosrbed by fatty tissues for your body to use later.

    Just got to remember when you start on it, take a suppliment with magnesium...Or when you are upping your doseage to do the same.

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    I read today that the recommended daily allowance for vitamin D was recently boosted from 200 iu to 600 iu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomRL View Post
    I read today that the recommended daily allowance for vitamin D was recently boosted from 200 iu to 600 iu.
    on her website I found this:
    "Your average [100- to 200-] pound person is going to require probably between 2,000 and 4,000 units of vitamin D a day,"

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    I just started taking 5000 IU a day, usually with a fish oil capsule.

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    Vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as a pandemic. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with increased risk of common cancers, autoimmune diseases, hypertension, and infectious diseases. In the absence of adequate sun exposure, at least 800-1000 IU vitamin D3/d may be needed.

    Vitamin D3 is synthesized in the skin during summer under the influence of ultraviolet light of the sun, or it is obtained from food, especially fatty fish. Risk factors for vitamin D deficiency are premature birth, skin pigmentation, low sunshine exposure. Muscle cells contain vitamin D receptor and several studies have demonstrated that serum 25(OH)D is related to physical performance. The active metabolite 1,25(OH)2D has an antiproliferative effect and downregulates inflammatory markers.

    The conclusion was the UL for vitamin D consumption by adults should be 10 000 IU/d.
    [Yes, that's Ten Thousand!]

    REVIEW ARTICLE: "Risk assessment for vitamin D"
    which details arriving at the 10,000 IU/day figure
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    Thanks for all the replies they have been helpful!

    My Dr. prescribed 50,000 iu's vitamin D once a week, go back for blood test in 8 weeks. He agrees that Magnesium can help combat constipation.

    I hope this treatment helps get rid of the vitamin D deficiency symptoms I'm experiencing.

    I'll keep you guys posted!

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