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Thread: AMC's The Walking Dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    It gets better!
    I know, saw episode three last night, and it was the best ep so far, imo.

    Quote Originally Posted by chick View Post
    First thing I thought was ...'crossbow is slow. you gotta blow their brains up!'

    But then the gun shot would attract all the other and then you'll be up shit creek!

    What we need in case of a zombie invasion is an automatic crossbow!
    And.... stock up on ammo silencers!
    Every time someone shouts, I wince, thinking nooo, the walkers will hear you. Shhhh!
    Lol yeah, they need some silencers!

    Keps, I'm American and I have trouble understanding some of the real country (hillbilly) accents.
    That's interesting. I just thought any American would understand the accents, it was just that I was English that I couldn't. I had a bit of trouble again last night. I couldn't catch a few of the words.

    I hope we're going to learn more about how the virus originated.

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    Webisodes to tie me over until the 16th:
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Webisodes to tie me over until the 16th:

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    Thanks Lynnifer! I have to use the link for non-US folk, but at least I can watch.

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